Blogger has created a plane flying with a computer fan (video)

Video blogger Peter Sripol, author of his ownYouTube channel PeterSripol, more than once created original designs from unconventional materials. Previously, he demonstrated the process of integrating a kart and a boat, which resulted in a small amphibian. Sripol also converted a toy fire truck into a full-fledged flamethrower. Now the video blogger, at the request of his subscribers (over 1.7 million), has assembled a model of an airplane flying with a computer cooler.

The video posted on the Sripola channel showsthe process of assembly and testing of the model's capabilities to fly, first indoors, and then outdoors. For a long time, the enthusiast tried to create a miniature biplane with a frame made of wooden slats covered with polyethylene. However, the power of the cooler was not enough for a full-fledged flight and the model crashed over and over again. In the end, the plane broke down during tests on the street, flying into the trunk of a Sripol SUV.

For the following model, the wing type was chosen -monoplane, and a cooling processor fan is used as a propeller. As a result, the heavier model, equipped with a more powerful cooler, successfully flew several tens of meters. The control was carried out using a remote control. In a few days, the video on YouTube has already collected more than one million views with 41 thousand likes.