Blockchain games are the next step in the evolution of video games

Blockchain technology is used today in variousareas, but it is in the gaming industry that she promises to make a real revolution. What are blockchain games and how will they change the video game market? Vitaly Yeremeychik, CBDO of the IQeon gaming PvP platform created using blockchain technology, told us about this and much more.

Blockchain games are just around the corner


  • 1 What are blockchain games?
  • 2 From first projects to Ubisoft experiments
  • 3 Why more and more developers are using blockchain
  • 4 What inhibits the development of projects on the blockchain

What are blockchain games?

Blockchain games are distinguished by the fact that the processes in them partially or entirely occur in a chain of blocks, and the history of game changes is transparent and open to each user.

Blockchain game logic is controlledsmart contract. This means that neither the developers nor the players themselves will be able to intervene in the gameplay and adjust the rules. For example, a user pumps a character, participates in a virtual race, opens a chest with pirate treasures, or sells game loot to another user. Each of these actions is essentially a transaction, as a result of which the player receives a certain amount of a digital asset into the account. The smart contract in this case guarantees that the terms of the transaction made in the game will be unambiguously fulfilled.

Vitaliy Yeremeychik, CBDO gaming PvP platform

Blockchain reliability opens up great opportunities for users. They can interact with each other in games: buy and sell game loot, without fear that they will be deceived.

From first projects to Ubisoft experiments

We started talking seriously about blockchain games in 2017,when developers around the world began to actively release games on the Ethereum blockchain. In each of these projects, users could perform any actions in the game and receive a reward in cryptocurrency for this.

Blockchain games demonstrated to players from all overof the world, a new model of play-to-earn mechanics, which allows users to monetize their in-game achievements and receive quite real income for victories in virtual battles. The new opportunities offered by blockchain technology create additional motivation for players to spend more time in games, and, in addition, attract a new category of players - crypto enthusiasts and people who come into the game not to play, but to earn .

Not only small ones have already picked up the trendstartups, but also major market players. The gaming giant Ubisoft is now experimenting with blockchain technology. Sony promises to release a blockchain game for the PlayStation. There are already similar projects for mobile devices. So, probably in the near future, the play-to-earn model will greatly change the video game industry.

Why more and more developers are using blockchain.

Developers are starting to resort to blockchain technology more and more often, since it can be used to solve a number of pressing problems in the gaming dev sphere.

Firstly, game fraud. Thanks to its decentralized architecture, blockchain allows you to solve the problem of cheating in games through smart contracts. The scenarios provided in them simply do not leave loopholes for scammers - they can neither “cheat” game points, nor deceive another player.

Secondly, blockchain can increase engagement.users in the gameplay. The technology forever saves data on the player’s progress in the block chain, which allows the user to start it with the already “pumped” character when switching to another game within the framework of one ecosystem. Due to this, the user will be more interested in continuing to develop his unit.

The ability for players to keep their progress inimplemented to some extent on our IQeon platform. Users participate in game matches and receive an internal digital asset of the platform - IQN as a reward for victory. It can be obtained in some games and spent to participate in others. Thus, IQN becomes a cross-gaming asset that can be used everywhere within the platform and, if desired, transferred to other assets or fiat money.

What inhibits the development of projects on the blockchain

Despite the great prospects and advantagesfor players, blockchain games will need a lot of time to win a wide audience. At the moment, there are not many blockchain projects on the market. In addition, the threshold for entering such games is quite high. Indeed, in order to start making money in a blockchain game, the user needs to have an electronic wallet, be interested in cryptocurrencies, and in some cases even have a certain number of tokens in the account.

Today, when the audience of video games totalsbillions of users, the number of blockchain game players in the hundreds of thousands. If we take only the Ethereum blockchain, the number of wallet holders with gaming assets totals 72 thousand. But as crypto-literacy of consumers grows, the number of blockchain projects will increase. And we at IQeon believe that this process will start very soon.