Blind photo test results on Apple iPhone 14 Pro / 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, S22 Ultra


It's time to take stock, and they turned out to be very unexpected, although we will not get ahead of ourselves.

We compared the main camera in four flagships - Apple iPhone 14 Pro / 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, S22 Ultra.

Blind comparison of photos on Apple iPhone 14 Pro / 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, S22 Ultra

We compare four flagships from Apple and Samsung, four different camera modules and image quality.

Let's quickly go through all the pictures and only then move on to the results and conclusions.

1. Bear on the table

The complex structure of the fur, artificial lighting.The sharpness, the study of the fur here determine the picture - the 14 Pro coped with this better, then the 13 Pro comes, but then the Fold4 goes farther. In last place is Ultra, as the processing algorithm turned the fur into a hodgepodge.

2. Mosaic with a mermaid

Several point lights on a mosaiccreate glare. Color reproduction looks better on the 14 Pro, a close second to its predecessor. And again, with a huge margin behind the devices from Samsung, and the pictures are perceived plus or minus the same.


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3. Rain and trees

On a cloudy rainy day, it is interesting to see how the cameras work out trees of different colors, rowan berries. Not the most expressive picture, but it shows the work of automation well.

Only Fold4 (69%) coped with such a difficult scene, then comes S22 Ultra, and only then - 13 Pro / 14 Pro.

4. Rowan close-up

Sharpness, color and general mood of the image. Pairs of manufacturers rated approximately the same, ahead of the iPhone, followed by the Galaxy.

5. Magazine in the rain

Here it is interesting to look at the sharpness, how the rain and drops are conveyed. First place for Fold4, then by a wide margin 14 Pro, then 13 Pro, and the bottom of the list is Ultra.

6. Leaf close-up

Veins, brightness, blurring of the background - is it or not. Fold4 wins by a huge margin, here the picture turned out to be very lively, then Ultra and 13 Pro are almost next to each other, but 14 Pro is an outsider.

7. Birch trunk

Most chose the shot from the 13 Pro, then comes the Fold, then the 14 Pro, and the outsider is the Ultra. Ultra shots from this distance always have some drawbacks.

8. Flower bed with bright flowers

Rain, bright colors of flowers. Automatic 13 Pro drew flowers better, 14 Pro and Fold have the same scores, Ultra closes.

9. Square in front of Balchug

Rainy day, small area. The 14 Pro wins here by a wide margin, then comes the 13 Pro, then the Galaxy shots.

10. City map

Pay attention to the background, to how the map itself is rendered. First place for 13 Pro. Second place is almost shared by Fold and 14 Pro.

11. Autumn leaves on granite

Shine of water, brightness of leaves. The 13 Pro shot is a clear winner, the 14 Pro is second by a wide margin, but you didn't like the Galaxy shots.

12. Monument at night

Automatic shooting, "Night" turned on somewheremode", somewhere the cameras did it this way. The camera on the Fold performed best, second place behind the 14 Pro, then Ultra, and closes the 13 Pro (there the picture is absolutely terrible).

13. Luminous tunnel

A beautiful tunnel that has remained since the New Year and is waiting for the next New Year. Reflection in water. The scores of 13 Pro and Ultra are very close, then 14 Pro, and the Fold goes by a wide margin.

14. General plan of the tunnel, the circus in the background

Fog and rain make the shot difficult, the light is washed out. Again, a couple from Apple is ahead, the advantage is on the side of 14 Pro.

15. Graffiti on a garage wall in total darkness

The question is how do the cameras handle graphics shots in the pitch black of the night. The 14 Pro did a great job here, then the 13 Pro and close to it the Fold.

16. Yellow leaf with raindrops, night

Details, night shot. Fold leads by a wide margin, the pictures from the iPhone are about the same, the outsider is Ultra.

17. Leaf with drops in daylight

Pay attention to details. Here the votes were distributed as follows: first 13 Pro, then 14 Pro, after that Galaxy.


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18. Gates in the old Russian style

Beautiful ornament, bright colors. Identical pairs again, ahead by a wide margin of iPhone, then Galaxy.

19. Nikolskaya, street and lights during the day

Probably, here you need to look at the mood of the picture. The best rated shot is from the 14 Pro, then comes the Ultra, the two remaining smartphones are the same.

20. Bright figures in the room

Several figures, foreground and background. Ahead of the Fold, all other shots are more or less the same.

21. Portrait without Portrait Mode

See how the cameras capture the face without the "Portrait" mode. Sharper, more detail in iPhone shots, ahead of 13 Pro. But the pictures from the Galaxy are inferior here.

22. Portrait with Portrait Mode

Pay attention to how the face comes off the background. Exactly the same picture as above, no changes.

  • All photos in one archive (zip, 390 MB)

Conclusions and conclusion

Immediately I want to specify an important point, from the setpictures and scenes on them largely depend on the results, universal cameras do not currently exist. It's also important to remember that we shot in auto mode, didn't use the maximum resolution for the Galaxy, which increases the clarity of the shots and detail (this plays a role, but most people do not realize this and do not turn on such modes, which leads us to our comparison and shots made for him).

Let's see how the places of the pictures were distributed based on your ratings.

Fold4 S22 Ultra 13Pro 14Pro
1 place 6 0 10 7
2nd place 3 5 6 8
3rd place 8 5 5 4
4th place 5 12 1 3

The paradox is that in comparisoniPhone 13 Pro won all devices, if you take the first and second places, you get 16 high ratings. 14 Pro is in second place with fifteen ratings. While Fold4 is in third place with 9 ratings, the gap is quite large. And the unequivocal outsider of this comparison is the S22 Ultra.

It is interesting to note that in some of the photographs the choicewas obvious, the separation of the image quality from other participants in the comparison is total. For example, a monument in the night, here the same iPhone 13 Pro turned out to be an outsider. But it is precisely the balance of image quality in automatic mode that is on the side of the iPhone 13 Pro / 14 Pro. Both models in those scenes that were used for comparison, give a more or less stable result.

In comparison of the beginning of the year, where it was about S22 andiPhone 13 Pro, we got the S22 win in the scenes that were there (lots of bright, sunny photos). Here, in the rainy season, everything is exactly the opposite. So it’s definitely not worth taking these results as the ultimate truth, but I note that the iPhone 13 Pro shoots very well and almost always gives a guaranteed result (night shooting and twilight is a weak point). Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that the camera module in the iPhone 13 Pro has not changed for several years, the company has finalized the software for its use. There is hope that the software will also be gradually finished for the new module in 14 Pro.

Disappointing S22 Ultra results inautomatic mode are expected, the camera here can and should be used with increased detail, pictures in the highest resolution - this is a creative combine, and not a “point and shoot” machine.

The last thing I want to note, and this moment Iseems to be important. Due to the quality of the screens, their optimization for the camera, the pictures on the Galaxy look noticeably livelier and brighter. At the same time, on the iPhone, they are not as vibrant, more faded. This should also be taken into account if you do not plan to compare pictures on your computer screen, where technical flaws come out and catch your eye.

P.S. I think that it will be necessary to make a comparison of portraits in order to assess which devices today are able to shoot in the best way in different conditions. I think we will make such a comparison in the foreseeable future.

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