Bioprosthesis similar to Luke Skywalker's arm (4 photos + video)

High technologies penetrate into such a spheremedicine as prosthetics, allowing people who have lost limbs to rejoin a full life. Engineers from the University of Utah, USA, have developed a highly sensitive prosthesis called LUKE in honor of Luke Saywoker.

The first model was introduced in 2014. However, technology does not stand still, and engineers finalized the prosthesis, providing it with biological feedback. Now the owner can feel the touch and even experience pain. This is achieved by means of electrodes implanted in the muscles and nerves of the patient.

When testing a prosthesis by a patient withwith an amputated hand, electrodes were implanted into the area of ​​the medial and ulnar nerves, and electromyographic sensors were implanted into the muscles. After a two-week period of adaptation, the patient could already feel the tension of the hand, control the movement of the fingers and even experience slight pain.

Biofeedback allowedtesters clearly control the grip strength of the prosthesis. He was able to pick a grape berry, and transfer a chicken egg without destroying these rather fragile and delicate objects.

However, in addition to alleviating the physical condition,a return to normal life had a healing effect on the psychological state of the subject. The patient even reported a partial decrease in the level of phantom pains. Currently, the LUKE arm should be connected to the computer, however, developers are preparing an autonomous version of the prosthesis.

Source: slashgear