Bionic prostheses in the style of comic book characters are now available to everyone (12 photos + video)

Prosthetics of hands goes on qualitatively newlevel thanks to the innovative technology of Open Bionics, which announced its readiness to launch the serial production of prosthetic arms “Hero Arm” (Hero's Hand). New products will be offered to residents of the United States, previously such prostheses were individually supplied to the market in England and France.

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The basis of the production of "Hero Arm" takenthe use of 3D printing and special myoelectric sensors that respond to electromagnetic impulses of muscles that provide feedback to tactile sensors. This ensures that the prosthesis works naturally and smoothly.

The use of new technologies is greatlysimplified and cheapened the process of manufacturing prostheses. “Hero Arm” costs 3 thousand dollars and is made in 40 hours. Traditional technologies artificial limbs are made within several weeks or months and cost up to 90 thousand dollars. In addition, prostheses “Hero Arm” can be given a different shape, for example, imitating the “hands” of cyborgs and superheroes, which is important for most people and especially children who have lost upper limbs.

Open Bionics founded by Joel Gibbardfrom Bristol, which a few years after the start of operation of the company received several prestigious awards and a grant of $ 1 million, which allowed for the mass production of Hero Arm.