Biohacker Josayu Seiner tried for medical practice without a license

The famous biohacker Josiah Seiner stated thatis under investigation for practicing medicine without a license. In the past, a NASA scientist who is known on social networks for his self-made medical procedures, Zeiner received a letter from the California Consumer Affairs Authority after complaining about a "license-free medical practice." Although anyone can file a complaint with the California Medical Commission, the fact that she is considering her means that the charges are considered plausible.

Biohacker judged for self-willed medicine

Biohackers are people who spendmedical experiments outside university laboratories and accredited companies. Zayner has become famous on the Internet for his tricks, including performing fecal transplantation and CRISPR injection in his own hand. He is also well-known for his contempt for the US Food and Drug Administration, which he accuses of blocking innovation and jeopardizing people's lives.

His company, The Odin, sells manyhomemade biological tests, including a set for $ 209, from which you can make fluorescent yeast. But they are The Odin, nor any other biohacker has yet developed any significant genetic treatments. In his post on social networks, Seiner wrote: “I never gave anyone anything for injections or use, never sold any materials intended for the treatment of diseases, and never claimed to provide treatment or medication, because I knew that this day will come. " He claims that he is being persecuted illegally for showing people how to gain access to publicly available knowledge.

WTF !!!! I have been accused of practicing knowledge.

The truth is ...

- Josiah Zayner (@ 4LOVofScience) May 14, 2019

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California Medical Commission requestedAn interview with Seiner on June 11th, informing him that he can invite a lawyer, but this is not necessary. It is not clear what will happen next, but the practice of illegal medicine in California can be a misdemeanor or a criminal offense and incurs a prison sentence of up to three years and a fine of $ 10,000.

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