Bill Gates announced the top 10 leading technologies of this year (7 photos)

Predict the future in the long runincredibly difficult. But for the foreseeable future, adequate assumptions can be made by analyzing the most relevant technologies, according to experts. The basis of such predictions is a sober calculation and an excellent knowledge of the state, needs and possible prospects of the current market. MIT Technology Review recently attracted to the conversation on this topic, Bill Gates, asking him to evaluate how the world will evolve this year. Being a good expert in his field, Gates identified the ten most important areas.

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His list can be divided into threebasic categories: climate, medicine and artificial intelligence. Some of the technologies mentioned by Gates are still being developed, the rest are being implemented or have already been launched.

So he highlighted energy development with a focus onnew nuclear technologies, newest dexterous robots, diagnostics and treatment of diseases with tiny intestinal probes, methods for eliminating preterm labor, intelligent customized vaccination against cancer, technology for absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, synthetic meat, smart bracelets and ECG reading, and restrooms without sewer. The expert also noted the prospect of the next round of development of voice assistants. There is an assumption that he hints at some of the development of Microsoft itself.

Until the end of the year, when we can check whether Gates was right, there are not so many left. However, many tend to trust him now.