Biggest Twitter Hack Leads to Loss of Accounts for Musk, Gates, Buffett, Obama, Apple and Uber

Despite the ever-increasing requirementsregulators of the United States to the security system of social networks, leading companies continue to suffer from computer hacks. Another, the largest in the history of Twitter, a security breach led to hackers gaining access to the accounts of leading businessmen, politicians and public figures, as well as high-tech companies.

Attackers were able to useofficial, verified Twitter verified accounts and, on behalf of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Apple, Uber and many other celebrities and large companies, contact the community with a request to send bitcoins to certain cryptocurrency wallets.

The coordinated attack began on the evening of July 15,and at first it was limited only by the so-called cryptoTweeter - a Twitter community associated with mining, trading and advertising of digital currencies. In the first minutes of the hack, Twitter posted massive links to the CryptoForHealth phishing site.

The next step was hackedverified accounts of the heads and founders of Microsoft, SpaceX, Amazon, former US President Barack Obama, the most likely presidential candidate Joe Biden, and rapper Kanye West. It is noteworthy that at this stage the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Gemini, the leading crypto-publisher CoinDesk, as well as Ripple, suffered. During the hack, the hackers placed advertisements urging to transfer bitcoin to the specified wallet, promising to double the capital.

The Financial Finings Enforcement Network (FinCEN), an American anti-money laundering network, has warned financial institutions to monitor Twitter fraud after the hack.

Rapid response from Twitter service supportcould not contain the flood of false ads appearing. It is noteworthy that it is Twitter that is becoming a social network actively used by cybercriminals for hacking and subsequent requests from criminals on behalf of prominent personalities for transferring funds in cryptocurrency. Two years ago, when Musk's account was hacked, hackers were able to get a cryptocurrency worth 180 thousand dollars. Currently, according to various estimates, the Twitter hack on July 15 resulted in the loss of users from 50 to 130 thousand dollars.

Twitter Computer Security Announcedabout the compromise of the internal infrastructure of a social network by hackers, which confirms the initial version, about the use of access to the company's own tools by attackers Later, an unofficial statement by the hackers themselves appeared, who, on condition of anonymity, confirmed that they "convinced a Twitter representative to do all the work." The insiders posing as the initiators of the hack also confirmed that the "conviction" was generously paid.

A Twitter spokesman said the companycontinues to investigate and finds out whether the employee hacked the accounts on their own or gave hackers access to the tool. Twitter support has not yet disclosed a hacking method, techniques and tools that allowed attackers to gain access to user accounts. However, there have already been messages on the network about the identification of an exchange in internal hacker communities with screenshots of the admin panel interface. This panel allows you to reset the settings and start the password recovery procedure on your account.

Politicians and law enforcement officials are concerned about anothera major incident related to the loss of confidential data by a social network. The FBI was involved in the investigation, and Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley, in an open letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, demanded the company to disclose the number of hacked accounts and called the incident a planned attack on the security of Twitter itself.

Twitter CEO Dorsey noted thatall data on the causes and consequences of the hacker attack will be presented to the public after the completion of an internal investigation. Given the infamous history of social networking site Facebook, which was forced to pay a record $ 5 billion fine after months of Senatorial hearings for security breaches when dealing with sensitive data, Twitter will soon face a similar procedure. The exchange has already reacted to the hack by dropping Twitter shares by 3%.

Source: vice