BGB-100FA - Japanese movable bed for gamers (2 photos + video)

The network has information about the latest developmentJapanese Bauhutte. A company specializing in gaming accessories has introduced an unusual electric bed. Due to them, the device is able to change the position of some areas. The frame of the device is made of steel.

The novelty is called BGB-100FA. Its dimensions are 94 × 199 × 28 cm. User weight limits of 200 kg are reported.

The developers from Bauhutte stated that on theirthe beds are comfortable to sleep, play and even eat. At the same time, the tilt of the sleeping and playing place can be adjusted using the complete remote control, which is stored in a separate purse.

The price of the basic version of the BGB-100FA is $460. The mattress option costs a bit more at $675.

Source: gizmochina