Beware Yandex! Automatic subscription to Yandex.Plus


Things are not going well for Yandex, the company is looking for funds to plug all the holes,

that are formed from effective managers.Five quarters in a row, Yandex increased its losses, they reached a record size in the first quarter, and the ensuing crisis multiplied them. Typically, companies in such situations begin to save, increase their efficiency, cut costs. Yandex's anti-crisis measures look completely different - a hidden increase in prices for customers, worsening service conditions, but maintaining staff costs, especially those who need to be "rescued" and taken out of the country. In fact, Russian service users pay for the beautiful life of those who left Russia, because they cannot “live in a country that is at war with its neighbors.” These are the words that the former CEO of Yandex wrote when she went to Israel, a country that apparently does not go to war with its neighbors - the irony here is so obvious that it even seems that Elena Bunina is joking like that. But no, she is quite serious in her statements.

Source: Yandex

To pay off external debts, in Yandexborrowed money, but decided to hide its source, rumors stubbornly say that the money for salvation was received from the state. I repeat a simple thing, Yandex is filled with employees who were recruited, including for political views, this is the work of the same Elena Bunina as an HR director. And we talked about it in detail.

"Yandex" in free fall. Problems with the personnel of the company in Russia

How did Yandex turn a blind eye to politics oronly pretended; who hired employees with a stance against the state; the departure of CEO Elena Bunina and the beginning of Yandex's self-censorship - all to save the corporation.

The interview of Sergey Berezhny, the director of Yandex for working with developers, is very noteworthy, you can find it here.

It will be difficult for many to watch the interview in full,but I will voice the main points so that you understand the context in which the Yandex PR department is trying to live and explain the company's actions. Why PR? The answer lies in the words of Berezhny that PR asks to coordinate all communications with the outside world with them. This is explained by the fact that the words of individual employees are taken out of context and they consider this the position of the entire Yandex, but in such a large company everyone has their own opinion.

Of course, here I am confused, since all the interviewsSergey Berezhny, it turns out, is given within the framework set by PR, or he violates the internal regulations of the company. Since he continues to work at Yandex, I conclude in favor of the first.

A few quotes from Berezhny:“It's one thing when your collaborationism exists in a gray area. With us, everything happens as tightly as possible, with maximum resistance - as far as possible. It's a shame to see comments where people write that we are a state-owned company. And you know how much effort is spent inside to not be like that. In order to somehow bend your line.

Or this quote:“You can consider [our position] cowardice. But it doesn't seem to me that going with a knife to a steam locomotive is the right way to expend one's energy. Initially, we tried to be out of [politics], although perhaps in places irrationally inconsistent in this. But we do believe that we can stay away from this. And we have been doing this for many years and, God forbid, we will continue to do so.” Quotations are from this source.

What is your impression of this? In my opinion, these are mutually contradictory statements. It's one thing to be out of politics, it's another thing to "behave one's own line somehow."


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Such a long preface is important to describethe spirit of Yandex, inside the company they really consider themselves white, fluffy and those who resist evil, as they understand it. Evil in this case is the Russian state, and also, apparently, those who support its policy, in any case, such logic is quite applicable to everything that happens.

One of the comments on YouTube shows well the attitude towards those who have a very flexible position, almost no one likes such people, as this means a lack of position.

Did you understand the context? Now let's see how Yandex works in Russia, it looks like the company's users should solve the company's problems and pay for the holiday of life out of their own pocket.

Paid subscription for 100 rubles per month. Automatically and just like that

Finding money for a company that has a notableaudience and subscriptions - it is always a temptation to sell something unnecessary to everyone, and do it in such a way that people do not pay attention to it. The ideal case is when you turn on a subscription for them, but they simply do not notice it. Russian operators have for years dabbled in imposing certain services that simply turned on - toxic subscriptions led to the fact that the potential benefit was canceled out by the reaction of people, they almost always became furious and often decided to leave their operator forever. Ultimately, the evolution of toxic services led to the fact that operators began to refuse the automatic inclusion of paid services, and also came up with a method that they considered more or less normal - a promo period for the service, after which it becomes paid. But users did not like this either, which ultimately led to the fact that almost no one practices automatic debiting of money. That is, you can use the service, but then you need to confirm that you want to leave it and pay such and such an amount every month.

"Yandex" adopted the lattersubscription option. I accidentally found out that many people have recently got the option, it costs 100 rubles, and there is a period of several months when it is free. I have this option turned on in my settings.

Did not subscribe to this service, did not express anywhereconsent, did not watch content from this subscription on the TV. By the way, it is not available, it gives an error, despite the fact that I had this offer active. Several people confirmed that they had exactly the same situation, they turned on the subscription, but forgot to put the content.

Our readers say that they camenotification on smartphones, I didn’t have it, or brushed it off without looking - no one explicitly offered me to activate the subscription. According to the reviews of those who found that they were signed, everything happened about the same as mine, the subscription just appeared. Some have a write-off date in November! I have - in two months, at the end of August.

Checking for a subscription is simple, go to your Yandex account, see Yandex.Plus. If there is a subscription, but you do not need it, then turn it off.

The subscription is turned on according to an incomprehensible algorithm, inThere is an interesting point in the description of the Yandex service. Let me remind you that on June 16, the company reduced the number of devices that can be linked to a Yandex.Plus account in order to use it in the basic version. In fact, this means closing the basic version, switching exclusively to the Multi subscription, which costs 299 rubles per month. This hidden change and worsening conditions were concealed from the majority, the documents on the site were changed as if all this had always been there. We had material about it.

"Yandex" worsens the conditions of "Yandex.Plus" in the basic subscription

Yandex creates pain for its users so that they pay 50% more - new conditions for Yandex.Plus. Price increase for all subscriptions in 2022.

And here the most surprising begins, pay attention to these lines.

On the Yandex website, you can find these items in the description of the Yandex Plus subscription terms here.

In fact, the company's lawyers say in dry language,that Yandex reserves the right to automatically enable you an expensive Multi subscription, as well as a subscription with an additional package for 100 rubles per month. Cool? Not that word. That is, no confirmation is required from you, you may not even guess that you will be transferred to an expensive subscription option. According to the feedback of our readers, such rules have been in force for a long time and did not cause much indignation. Now, with the reduction in the number of devices in the basic subscription to two, several million people will automatically transfer to an expensive subscription. And this is at least! Even if we calculate that there will be about two million of them, it turns out that Yandex will pocket 200 million a month, almost 2.5 billion rubles a year. Nice little thing, isn't it? And if you turn on an expensive subscription with an option for 100 rubles, then the amounts are doubled. Effective managers rub their hands pretty.


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But my personal history is that I already havethe subscription "Multi" and the described conditions do not suit me in any way. I did not agree with the additional option anywhere, I do not need this package, which was included automatically. At our suggestion, people decided to ask what was happening, here is the answer from the support service (someone programmed the robot for such answers, they did not arise in the great nothingness).

Get a clear answer, how could this happen,no one could. And here we come to the following reasoning, "Yandex" borrowed the toxic practices of mobile operators, which they had long abandoned. But the old stories are not forgotten, now they are used in Yandex to solve their financial problems. Let me remind you that Yandex has about 12 million Yandex.Plus subscribers and you can stir up additional cash flow.

What does it look like? It looks bad.But given the position within the company, when it resists the Russian state, leads a partisan struggle, apparently, this is considered normal. After the victory, it will be possible to become customer-oriented again, and until that moment, all the forces to achieve a result. The company is already de facto under the state, so such views will disappear, they will not have a place inside Yandex in the very near future. I think that the personnel issue will be greatly changed at the end of this year - the beginning of next. And it's interesting to watch it from the outside.

It is possible that someone inside already realized thismoment and is preparing to enter the labor market, and hence the complete disregard for user loyalty. In some ways, this reminds me of the situation with the Tinkoff bank, which was sold to Potanin. The existing team staged a kind of protest, they are doing everything to destroy the perception of the group of companies. The wildest commissions for transfers, emphatically stupid decisions in the public field, the lack of PR communication as such, and before that a whole series of miscalculations and mini-catastrophes that affect the company's image.

It is possible that inside Yandex they adhere to thatthe same position when it is necessary to destroy the company from the inside, the image of Yandex, so that the state does not get a working business. And to some extent, this can be confirmed by the words of Sergey Berezhny, shedding light on the data leakage of the Yandex.Food service, when the company stated that it was the fault of a particular employee, a deliberate act, then Yandex turned to law enforcement agencies. In the context of the events, it was clear that the trigger was the military operation in Ukraine. Answering a question about the attitude towards Ukrainian employees, Sergey literally said the following: “We have a lot of specialists from Ukraine. There were no cases of sabotage. If a person works inside Yandex, he has more opportunities to realize that Yandex is not an enemy and not an object to which you need to direct your power.”

Yandex.Food and deleting your orders from the service is an attempt to whitewash yourself

An imaginary tool for managing the history of your orders in Yandex.Food, deleting data that remains on the company's servers.

It turns out that the Yandex employee, whoposted the data of the Yandex.Food service and was accused of this by the company, didn’t sabotage anything? I did not confuse anything? And after all, this is a very typical duality of the existence of Yandex, when directly contradictory structures coexist in the company's employees if they do not fit into the vision of the world.

Let's go back to the subscription that is being imposedusers. From the experience of the operators and how they explained that they were misunderstood, I think the communication will be something like the following - a small number of subscribers accidentally received an offer, but we did not write off the money and did not even intend to, upon reaching the paid period, we would definitely ask them. We are white, fluffy, and we have paws. Approximately this approach in different variations.

P.S. Watching the transformation of Yandex is veryinterestingly, the company is very sick, and it has two ways - to recover from this disease or become a swamp. At the moment, an attempt to improve the company is clearly observed, judging by how frantically effective managers are looking for work and how they destroy the image of the company, they began to realize their end in all its glory. We all need a new version of Yandex, strong and independent, and most importantly, working for the benefit of both the country and its inhabitants. Not the way it is now.

"Yandex" worsens the conditions of "Yandex.Plus" in the basic subscription

Yandex creates pain for its users so that they pay 50% more - new conditions for Yandex.Plus. Price increase for all subscriptions in 2022.

Yandex.Food and deleting your orders from the service is an attempt to whitewash yourself

An imaginary tool for managing the history of your orders in Yandex.Food, deleting data that remains on the company's servers.