Between Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F150 a tug of war rematch will take place

Presentation by Ilon Mask of the nextTesla Cybertruck's electric pickup truck has been mixed up in the direction of its business. Active discussions flared up around the design of the car, while critics at the first stage did not pay much attention to the technical parameters of the car.

However, as popularity growsa futuristic pickup truck, when two years before its release the number of pre-orders exceeded the number of 250 thousand in a few days, skeptics began to analyze the technical characteristics of the car. In addition to the obvious blunder of engineers with broken glass, the critics focused primarily on the cleanliness of the tug-of-war experiment between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Ford F150, when the brainchild of Mask easily defeated the most popular ICE pickup in the USA.

The main argument confirming the violationthe purity of the experiment was the fact that the model chosen for the competition (Ford F-150 in the STX version with a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine) is not the most powerful of the entire line of traditional pickups and has a lower weight.

At the same time, doubts arose at the same timestarting cars. The picky viewers thought that the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup had started the engine earlier, which gave an advantage at the start. Popularizers of science explained the victory of the Mask with a larger mass of electric vehicles, which guarantees better traction and also leads this car ahead of schedule ahead of schedule.

In the end, the vice president intervened in the disputeSandip Mandra, a subsidiary of Ford X, which offered a rematch in the presence of Ford and Tesla. Musk eagerly agreed to retest with the short phrase "Come on."

Meanwhile, official Ford management saidthat Mandra was just joking, although he didn’t refuse revenge. The time and place of the upcoming re-competition is not reported. An ideal experiment, of course, would be a competition between electric cars of both companies, especially since Ford promised to develop an electric pickup. Meanwhile, on Twitter, Musk announced the achievement of the number of pre-orders for Tesla Cybertruck figures of 250 thousand units.