Bentley will build a 1929 Team Blower retro car (4 photos)

Bentley engineers decided to recreatea car that was popular almost 90 years ago and was produced by a company called Team Blower back in 1929. The rarest car of the British automaker was developed with the participation of the English race car driver Tim Birkin. In two years, 12 models of a retro car will be produced, which will be assembled by hand.

In drawing and creating 3DThe Team Blower prototype model, dubbed Car Zero, was attended by Bentley Mulliner. To do this, we had to completely disassemble the existing original car and carry out a full 3D laser scanning of the parts. The result is a digital version of Team Blower. In the manufacture of individual parts, some surviving molds from 1929 will also be involved.

After almost a year of work on the project, we beganthe first parts needed to build a ninety-year-old Bentley prototype arrive. This is how the engine, turbocharging system, chassis, ash body, fuel tank, mirror nickel-plated radiator, leaf spring suspension and levers are already obtained.

The engine will be tuned on a test benchBentley and should reach 240 hp. After the necessary tests, all parts will be sent to the manual assembly of the car. Then the first assembled Car Zero model will be presented to 12 customers who have already bought all the cars planned for production. Only after that, most likely by the fall of this year, the created prototype will be presented to the general public.

Source: bentleymedia