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Belated iPad Mini 4 Review - Tablet has become thinner, smaller and more powerful

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Apple has really added a lot of improvements to the iPad Mini 4 compared to the previous iPad. I tested this tablet and understood in detail what the new Mini 4 offers to the user.

Recalling the past, we know that the first generation iPad Mini has received positive reviews. Most welcomed the small size of the tablet, its stylish design and ergonomics.

The second generation iPad Mini 2 also received a good rating for the Retina Display screen. But he was criticized for the fact that the gadget was thicker and heavier than its predecessor.

The third generation turned out prettymediocre. It was the same iPad Mini 2, but with the addition of Touch ID technology and a gold-colored case. Therefore, it is true that most users took the news of the new, improved iPad Mini with some skepticism.

  • Design and ergonomics
  • Retina display
  • Tablet performance
  • Free apps
  • Speaker sound
  • Watching films
  • What games will pull
  • Battery autonomy
  • IPad Mini 4 Cameras
  • Should I buy?
  • What has changed in the design of the iPad Mini 4 and ergonomics?

    IPad Mini 4 looks like a designpredecessors and is a smaller version of the iPad Air 2 in a beautiful aluminum case, which comes in three colors - gray, gold and silver.

    The gadget has dimensions 134 × 6,1 × 203 mm and weight 299 grams, and its rounded edges are well combined with the display. It's not as light or thin as the Galaxy Tab S2, but much better than its predecessors.

    As before, the front panel of the iPad Mini 4completely covered with glass, which houses the only Home button (it also works as a fingerprint scanner) and the front camera at the top. The glass used on the front panel has an anti-reflective coating that makes the screen more readable (better than iPad Air 2) in strong light.

    What immediately catches your eye is the absencethe “orientation off” buttons, previously located on the side, the only way to access its functions is now possible through the control center, within the iOS menu.

    The remaining buttons are located just like on Air 2. The volume control is placed in a small recess in the upper right part, it has become less noticeable. The power button and the 3.5mm headphone jack are located on the top face when the Lightning jack is on the bottom for charging, PC synchronization, and two speaker grilles.

    The sound quality coming out of the Mini 4 speakers is notis extraordinary. During games, when the tablet is in landscape mode, the speakers often close by hand, their location is not quite thought out.

    In general, the new iPad Mini 4 has an elegant design, it is lighter and, therefore, more convenient to use.

    Good Retina display

    iPad Mini 4 is equipped with a Retina 7 display.9-inch with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 and a density of 326 ppi. A wide-screen multisensor screen with LED backlight has a anti-reflective coating that is resistant to fingerprints.

    Although the Galaxy Tab S2 hasthe larger screen, the Mini 4, no doubt wins in pixel density. Compared to the Air 2, the iPad Mini 4's colors are slightly less accurate, and the details are not as saturated, although the difference is only visible to a certain degree.

    An interesting change here was the eliminationair gap between the display and glass, combining elements into one laminated panel. This is a really good solution from Apple, as there are fewer highlights on the screen now, and the viewing angles are excellent.

    Tablet performance

    The iPad Air 2 used an Apple A8X processor designed specifically for tablets. However, Mini 4 is equipped with the A8 chipset, which was installed on the iPhone 6 with the iPhone 6 Plus, and uses 2 GB of RAM.

    The performance of the iPad Mini 4 is smooth and crisp. Web pages open and scroll very quickly, applications run at lightning speed, scaling is fast, and the A8 processor processes video and games without stuttering and freezing.

    Tests showed that Apple’s new Mini tablet is as powerful as the smartphones that used the Snapdragon 617 chipset. The gadget is much more powerful than any of its predecessors in the series.

    Free apps

    IPad Mini 4 owners get free access toApple's top five multimedia applications: for documents, spreadsheets, for Keynote presentations, for creating iMovie videos, and for iPhoto photos.

    This is a great addition for those who use the tablet at work, as you can easily integrate any files between your Apple laptop, desktop computer or tablet.

    Apple Maps application is approaching Google Mapswith the addition of directions of public transport (only for certain cities), locations of nearby shops, restaurants, gas stations and other attractions. I still give the advantage of Google Maps, but Apple Maps is now a worthy alternative.

    Siri assistant has received some updates and now responds better to requests. The on-screen keyboard here has also been improved, the upper case is now significantly different from the lower one.

    Speaker sound

    iPad Mini 4 has 2 stereo speakers with excellentsound performance. The sound is very high quality, clear, with minimal distortion and defects at any volume level. There is a noticeable hint at low frequencies (approximately 200-250 Hz and above).

    In general, it is impossible to call the sound of the updated tablet extraordinary, but I am pleased with the sound of the speakers, although the iPad Pro shows more impressive results.

    Watching films

    New iPad Mini 4 - the best devices on the marketfor mobile watching movies. Compactness and high pixel density make the gadget excellent equipment for watching movies while traveling.

    But not necessarily, this is the best tablet withtechnical side - there are many capable tablets for this task, it all depends on preferences. Just iOS has a large number of high-quality applications for film and television, and, thanks to security and integration, there are many applications that allow you to download your content.

    What games will Mini 4 draw?

    The only area of ​​media performancewhich will be deprived of the iPad Mini 4 - this is a game, since when new versions appear, the device will not be able to play them at maximum speeds. Demanding to the resources of the game of the past will work well, with a high frame rate, but with newer versions, problems may arise.

    Thanks to the integrated graphics chip,The games I tested worked smoothly and without slowdowns. For example, Real Racing 3 went very well and even better than on smartphones that show higher test results.

    Battery autonomy

    Apple claims 5124 mAh batteryprovides a gadget of 10 hours of continuous use with Wi-Fi or 9 hours with 3G or 4G when watching videos, listening to music, as well as when surfing the Internet.

    Testing has shown that when loopediPad Mini 4 video playback worked for about 10 hours with automatic brightness settings, and when playing streaming video over Wi-Fi, the time increased to 10.5 hours.

    With general web browsing and performanceeasy tasks, the Mini 4 can easily work for several days before it needs recharging. The minimum discharge is very impressive when the display is off - 1% overnight.

    Apple once again managed to impress the battery life of its tablet, offering good performance even with a better resolution screen and a more powerful processor.

    IPad Mini 4 Cameras

    The iPad Mini 4 has an 8-megapixel main camera and1,2-MP frontal, for video calls and selfies, which was on previous generations. Pictures on the Mini 4 camera are easy to do using the volume buttons or the camera icon on the screen.

    Main camera with f / 2 aperture.4 shoots 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second, and also has autofocus, face detection and Apple's HDR mode. She takes a picture with three different exposures and combines them into the best shot.

    Front camera FaceTime HD shoots video from720p resolution in HD and got a f / 2.2 aperture. For shooting photos there is a mode: Burst Mode, Slo Mo and Time Lapse. But even with all these features, the images are slightly grainy and pixelated when scaled.

    I do not recommend using the iPad Mini 4 asthe main camera because of the poor quality of the photo, and because the tablet is generally inconvenient to hold during the shooting. The front camera is great for video calls, but the images I received during the tests were grainy and look like frames taken using the video recording feature.

    None of the Mini 4 cameras offer images.high quality, although they are in many ways better than some competitors. But, not many tablet buyers will put the quality of shooting as the main criterion when choosing such a device.

    Photos from the camera Apple iPad Mini 4 Total

    Apple has managed to create a new 7.9-inchtablet, which has a lot of advantages. If you are primarily interested in the design and build quality, the iPad Mini 4 should be at the top of your list of devices considered for purchase.

    If you need a reliable, lightweight tablet withhigh-quality and productive screen, stable OS, good cameras, excellent design and long battery life, iPad Mini 4 will not disappoint you.

    IPad Mini 4 Benefits

    • Super thin and light.
    • High performance.
    • Long battery life.

    Disadvantages of Mini 4

    • The price is a bit overpriced.
    • No microSD connector.

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