Belarus tested drone with anti-tank grenade launcher (video)

Modern military are actively usingadvantages of unmanned aerial vehicles, such as mobility and stealth. Belarusian engineers made an attempt to use modern drones to combat lightly armored enemy vehicles. For this, the UAV “Barrage Pipe” and “Quadro-1400” were armed with an RPG-26 hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher.

Specialists from JSC Design Bureau Display. In the shortest possible time presented several options for a hybrid of heavy small arms and light aircraft.

One of the main problems when working a smallweapons paired with a drone, is recoil during the shot. However, this drawback was eliminated by using a special, fully burnable powder discharge, firing a grenade. According to technical data, an RPG-26 grenade is capable of piercing up to 440 mm of armor or one meter of concrete.