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Bears have a mysterious substance in their blood that can make people stronger

Bears are large mammals thatknown for their omnivorous, good physical shape and ability to hibernate in the winter. Usually it lasts about 120 days - it starts at the beginning of winter and ends in spring. While hibernating, bears do not need food due to the fact that they greatly slow down the metabolism in the body and do not feel hunger. Throughout the winter, bears remain immobile, which should lead to muscle atrophy. However, to the surprise of scientists, every time the mammals wake up cheerful and full of energy. This phenomenon has long baffled researchers, but recently they have found that The secret of bears' constant tone lies in the composition of their blood.. A perfect discovery can save many people from paralysis or even turn us into superhumans with "bear" strength.

The blood of black bears can save many people - in what way?

Baribals - black bears of the USA

An amazing discovery was made duringstudy of black bears, which are also known as baribals. These creatures live in the wild environment of North America - they can be found in 39 of the 50 US states and in all provinces of Canada. Baribals differ from brown bears in smooth black fur and smaller body sizes. The body length of baribals reaches 2 meters, and the body weight can be 363 kilograms - such a large individual was caught in the US state of Wisconsin in 1885.

Adult baribal with cubs

Baribals usually live in lowland and mountain forests,sometimes going out into open areas like meadows and river valleys. The diet of black bears includes almost everything: plants, insects, meat, fish, and even garbage left by people. The main thing for these creatures is the high content of carbohydrates and other nutrients in food. After all, as soon as the weather becomes cold, baribals build a den under the roots of trees or inside caves to hibernate until warm days.

Baribals are excellent fishermen

Interesting fact: like other bears, despite their clumsy appearance,baribals run very fast and swim very well - they can even climb trees. However, unlike others, they are more friendly and prefer to flee in case of danger.

How do bears sleep in winter?

Being in the den, the bears do not move onfor several months - they do not need to eat or even go to the toilet. This feature has always surprised scientists, because if a person is deprived of movement for such a long time, his muscles will simply atrophy and stop working. Relatively recently, researchers realized that the secret may lie in the special composition of the blood of mammals - it clearly contains a substance that allows the muscles to remain in good shape.

Black bears can hibernate for hundreds of days

To test this assumption, recentlyJapanese scientists took blood serum from seven bears that were about to hibernate. They added the obtained samples to the culture of human skeletal muscle cells. To everyone's surprise, in just 24 hours, they noticed an increase in the concentration of a protein in the cells, which allows you to maintain healthy muscles. At the same time, the concentration of compounds that lead to muscle weakening decreased markedly.

Bears have mysterious substance in their blood that could revolutionize medicine

For the purity of the experiment, scientists triedadd to the human cells the blood serum, which was taken from active bears that did not want to sleep yet. In this case, the authors of the scientific work did not notice any miraculous effect. This means that there really is some substance in the blood of sleeping bears that protects their muscles from atrophy. But what exactly this connection is, no one can say for sure - you need to work further.

Recently, black bears have become more friendly. This is a sign of a dangerous disease.

Medicine can cure paralyzed people

The authors of the scientific work believe that whenthe mysterious component of the blood of sleeping bears will be found, doctors will be able to raise many paralyzed patients to their feet. It is possible that this discovery is the first step towards endowing people with superpowers - after all, who knows, maybe a mysterious substance can give people "bear" strength? This is just a guess at this point, but one thing is for sure. We have previously reported that after returning to Earth, many astronauts suffer from muscle weakness. First of all, the bear blood component will most likely be used to restore the health of the astronauts.

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