Baseus T1 / T2 GPS trackers with feedback for $ 9 to $ 12 (9 photos)

Modern positioning systems allowavoid many problems, including the loss of documents, smartphones, wallets and even children. Invaluable help in this is provided by small but high-tech devices - GPS trackers. The main reason for the lack of widespread use of trackers is their high cost from manufacturers. However, Baseus supplies the market with T1 and T2 trackers at prices almost 4 times lower than the average market cost of similar devices.

Baseus T1 and T2 models are compact and practical,and T2 is equipped with a special cord that allows you to fix it as a key ring or tie it to a bag belt. The T1 model is made in the form factor of a plastic card, which allows you to place it in your wallet, folder with documents or in the cover of your passport.

T1 and T2 trackers work together with smartphonesthrough the dedicated Baseus Smart app. Smartphones on iOS can connect up to 6 trackers, and Android devices work with 4 Baseus key fobs. By launching the application, the user will be able to track the tracker in real time. By placing T1 and T2 in the baby’s things, you can control the movement of the child in a busy crowded crowd.

Trackers range from 10 meters indoorsup to 30 meters in open areas. With 2 "exit" of the device beyond the specified radius. The corresponding signal arrives on the smartphone, and the user can check if he has lost control of his things. Feedback is also available when you can find a smartphone using the tracker. To do this, just double-click on the device and the smartphone will answer the corresponding call.

Trackers work on disposable batteries. For T2, this is a 75 mAh battery and lasts for half a year of normal operation. The T1 device has a 150 mAh battery, which provides one year of continuous operation.

The market offers devices in white, pink and turquoise colors. The price of Baseus T1 is $ 11.99, and Baseus T2 is $ 8.99.