Baseus Dock transforms a smartphone into a computer (5 photos)

Creating a hybrid device capable ofintegrate the properties of a computer and a smartphone can contribute to the docking station of the Chinese company Baseus, designed for Android devices. At the same time, using a smartphone as the basis for an impromptu computer, the station itself will remain a standard charger.

Using multiple connectors, userswill be able to connect a keyboard, mouse or monitor to the station, all in all 3 milking devices with USB outputs. A memory expansion using memory cards of various standards is also available. There is one USB3.0 connector, two USB2.0 and one HDMI.

Windows devices supported10, Android 8.0.0 and later operating systems. Baseus docking station is currently compatible with Huawei Mate, P Series, Samsung S Series, and Note smartphones. The device is compact in size 11.10 x 7.90 x 2.20 cm and a small weight of 101 grams is made in a black case. Baseus station price is only 38 dollars.