Banking data of Russians will be available to law enforcement without a court order

Confidential data of Russian citizens maybecome more accessible to law enforcement. This was announced by the new Minister of Communications Maksut Shadaev during a discussion of the development strategy of the digital economy.

Investigative Officerswill be able to access government data, data from banks, mobile operators and Internet services. Currently, the discovery of such information requires a resolution of the judiciary.

Communications Minister proposes to provide investigatorsdirect access to confidential data of Russians by 2024. According to the official, such a decision will be implemented as part of the development of the digital economy and is carried out in the interests of citizens, business and the state.

Proposed Innovation Maksut Shadaev tookthe post of Minister of Communications in January 2020, replacing the current Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Earlier, Shadaev worked as the CEO of RT Labs and was vice president of digital platforms at Rostelecom.

Source: Vedomosti