Baby strollers at Avito - we understand the volume of sales


In the fight over amendments to the law "On Advertising", in which they try to regulate services

private announcements, sounded repeatedlythe assertion that many families rely on the purchase and sale of goods in the secondary market. People sell those things that they no longer need, or, conversely, they are looking for what they need. It is always difficult to imagine how important this market segment is and how it complements regular sales. In the heat of the controversy, depending on the position of the speaker, completely different statements sounded - it doesn’t matter, complete nonsense, not an argument. The opposite point of view, which I share, is that such sales are very necessary and allow people to save money, give them a choice in what and what quality to buy. In my opinion, the most important thing that each of us has is the right to choose. Choose those goods that are of interest to us, look for a price that will satisfy us. Not to be the same when the choice is made for us and all we can choose is one bike model, one refrigerator model and so on. Those times are long gone, and I don’t want to return to them, I personally don’t feel nostalgia for the lack of choice.

Russia's largest private classifieds service -"Avito", it is visited daily by more people than the same Wildberries (or now you need to write "Berries"?). This indicator alone proves the popularity and importance of this market segment, which complements regular sales. But entering into polemics with deputies, all the time I came across rounded phrases - "this is not an argument." Therefore, I wanted to unearth the figures that will clearly show the importance of this sales channel for the Russian market. But it is represented not only by Avito, it is simply the largest platform, there are also private ad services in the regions, you can recall the same Yulu.

Thinking about which product to choose for analysis,I thought that it should be something that will be equally interesting to all people and at the same time show that they trust private ads, consider this purchase channel important for their lives. The most valuable thing in the life of every person is his children, it is for them that we want the best, we dream that they will not repeat our mistakes, but will be better, stronger and wiser. Looking through the categories of goods on Avito, I thought that an analysis of sales of baby carriages would be ideal. None of the parents will risk the health of their children, the choice of a stroller will always be as picky as possible. At the same time, strollers are popular in the secondary market, since the child quickly grows out of them, and during this time they do not become unusable at all.

I remember how I once advertised and soldprivately owned prams that were left over from my children. I bought them for some crazy money, only the best for children! We can safely say that the strollers were in perfect condition, a kind of limousines on springs. But I sold them for 15-20 percent of their original price, the task was to free up space in the apartment as soon as possible. The buyers arrived in a matter of hours, took the strollers. The cute young couple were happy that they were lucky to get such a valuable prize for such little money. They exchanged phone numbers, and subsequently some other children's things went to them by inheritance. I have always been pleased that things continue to work, especially when their resource is far from exhausted.

The product was invented, and I went to the press service"Avito" to terrorize the guys with a request for sales. At the same time, he studied the supply of wheelchairs to Russia for previous periods. Avito has prepared detailed statistics for the first half of 2022. Let's look at the total numbers broken down by type of stroller (the type of stroller is not always clearly indicated in the ad, hence the first line). In the first half of 2022, the number of transactions with baby strollers of various variations at Avito amounted to 656,000! Geography affects the whole country, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, somewhere there are more ads, somewhere less. But this is without exaggeration the whole country.

stroller type Sales, in pieces Sales, share Average price, rubles
Type not specified 255 118 38.84% 5 302
walking 123 606 18.82% 5 759
Universal (2 in 1) 99 980 15.22% 10 493
Universal (3 in 1) 67 793 10.32% 13 721
Cane 24 560 3.74% 2544
Accessories and spare parts 21007 3.20% 3 387
Transformer 17 228 2.62% 6412
Cradle 11 646 1.77% 7049
Another 11 380 1.73% 3487
Sled-carriage 10 639 1.62% 2666
Carry bag 6 345 0.97% 1 365
Sled 5 736 0.87% 1 244
sidecar 1 823 0.28% 3055
Data: Avito press service

To understand how big this is,Let us turn to the data of Rosstat, in the first half of 2022, the birth rate in Russia amounted to 635.2 thousand children. The paradox of the data from Avito is that more strollers were sold than children were born. But the paradox here is imaginary. The explanation is that a child can have several strollers - a stroller, a sled, a carrycot, a bike rack. In a word, a variety of strollers gives freedom to parents, the main thing is that there is enough money for all this splendor. It is also worth taking into account that strollers are used for more than one year, their service life is several years.


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Transparent and public figures on the children's marketThere are no wheelchairs in Russia, I searched all corners of the Internet, but I never found them. In the public domain there is a squeeze of the report for 2021, which claims that strollers from China and Poland are the leaders in sales. Their deliveries in 2021 amounted to 2.9 and 2.6 billion rubles. For comparison, in the first half of 2022, wheelchairs, accessories and spare parts for them were sold at Avito for 4.4 billion rubles. The rise in sales took place in the spring, and if you look at last year's sales, it is 6.3 billion rubles. That is, in aggregate, more than all brands from China and Poland combined.

Statistics can be scolded, since we cannotsay with confidence that it was a sale. Avito does not participate in transactions, does not see how they ended. It is probably correct to call this volume supply and continue to make forecasts about how many deals turned out to be successful, and where the advertisers simply changed their minds. The paradox of large numbers can also be explained by the fact that the Russian market acts as a donor of this product for neighboring countries, private individuals buy strollers and export them to neighboring states on their own, since in Russia they are much cheaper and there is a huge choice. It is not possible in principle to estimate the size of this segment, you just need to understand that it exists.

As an argument for controversy showingthe usefulness of private ads, the size of the market for only one product, these data are enough for the eyes. But I was interested to look at the numbers by brand. Let's take a look at the top twenty.

Brand pieces % Average price, rubles
Adamex 21 506 1.44% 12 312
Verdi 16 972 1.14% 14 117
Tutis 11 174 0.75% 12 170
Another 10 788 0.72% 4710
Peg Perego 9 845 0.66% 6 207
Nika 8 953 0.60% 2481
Bugaboo 8666 0.58% 12 735
Stokke 8080 0.54% 14 278
YOYA 7 690 0.52% 3 593
Indigo 7 580 0.51% 9 454
Cybex 7339 0.49% 12 862
Anex 7 235 0.48% 20 207
Inglesina 7 218 0.48% 6 296
Rant 7096 0.48% 5 957
Babalo 6 315 0.42% 7 698
Luxmom 5 950 0.40% 9 653
Chicco 5427 0.36% 3369
Rico 5 395 0.36% 11 702
Yoya Plus 5 190 0.35% 4638
carrello 5075 0.34% 10 960
Valco baby 4717 0.32% 10 100
Data: Avito press service

The plate is inaccurate, but for our purposes it is suitable.The inaccuracy lies in the fact that many make mistakes when writing ads. For example, they can indicate the stroller Adam, Adam, Adame, admeks and so on. Of course, for an accurate analysis, it would be worth correcting all the errors, then it would be possible to make the distribution by brand accurate. But this data is enough for us.

Now we need to see how much they divergemodels that are offered at Avito and in ordinary stores, as well as look at the difference in price. I have not been familiar with strollers for a long time, but I chose Adamex Amelia LUX, model of 2021. Theoretically, there should be few of them at Avito, and it happened, but there are offers and prices are interesting.

For comparison - the cost of new strollers. The difference in cost is 2 times.

Many strollers of previous seasons have disappeared from sale, for example, there is no Adamex Monte Carbon, the price on Avito looks very interesting. About three times less than the new stroller had.

This exercise can be continued indefinitely,the fact is that many people do exactly the same thing as I do - get rid of items that clutter up the space and set a low price. The task is not to weld, but to help out something and free up space. And for many families, this makes it possible to get a great stroller for little money. In the primary market, many simply cannot afford to buy something of the Adamex Monte Carbon level. And this explains the popularity of Avito, as well as other classifiers. People become smart buyers, tend to save where it is justified and possible. Being a zealous owner is not at all shameful, rather it is indecent to overspend money without any awareness of this moment or throw excellent things into the trash that can serve for a long time.

I was looking for an argument, numbers that are visualwill show why classifying as a channel for sales and purchases of goods is so important in Russia. I found this figure, it looks reinforced concrete and is understandable to any person. Classifieds do not replace the entire market, but perfectly complement it, give a second and third life to our things, created with a huge margin of safety. When such an ecosystem appears on the market on its own, there is an understanding that this thing is useful. And despite the volume in terms of money of those strollers that pass through Avito, their purchase in the primary market would mean at least twice as much expenses. That is, buyers saved from 4 to 8 billion rubles, which they spent on other needs. Agree that for young families this is a lot of money that is right to spend on a child and his needs. Here, everyone proceeds from their own capabilities, but we are united by the fact that we want to give children the very best. And for this there are different ways, there should always be an alternative and a choice.