Autonomous robots supplant shepherds and farmers in Australia (6 photos + 3 videos)

Shepherds and shepherds may lose their jobs soon. In Australia, engineers are working on unusual farm robots. They are able not only to follow the growth of crops and weed weeds, but also to graze cattle.

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We are talking about a stable four-wheel drive 4-wheeldesigns that can move over rough terrain and take into account orchards, pull a trailer behind you, contact horses and drive a herd of cows in the right direction. The first version of the universal farming robot was created three years ago and had a remote control. The new SwagBot is able to function autonomously, since it is supplemented with artificial intelligence. His target audience is large farms. It is here that its potential can be fully exploited.

For small farms in the company Agerris workover its second product. Digital Farmhand will be able to take up non-chemical weed control, smart watering of crops and an assessment of the coming harvest. It is optimal for crops that grow on trees or in rows. According to the authors of the project, the robot should be cheap enough to be purchased by farmers in developing countries.

The commercial version of the new Agerris shouldcome out within a year. First, robots will be sold in Australia, and then in other countries. True, before that they have to go through appropriate testing.