Automakers from Belarus challenge Tesla (5 photos + video)

Belarusian design engineers introducedthe conceptual platform of the future electric car, fully assembled from components manufactured in Belarus. Thus, the first part of the order of the President of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, was advised, who advised to follow the advanced achievements of engineers from Tesla. The wish came from the mouth of the President after testing the Tesla Model S electric car, more than two years ago. Now Lukashenko has demonstrated the first results of the work of engineers from the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

In the development of "Belarusian Tesla" took partscientists from the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences, who presented the head of state with a workable platform of an electric vehicle at a testing ground for mobile cars. According to the presentation of the prototype auto specialists, the Belarusian roadster will be able to compete with Tesla.

Prototype manufactured as an experimentBelarusian electric car is a convertible for two people of class M1. Currently, developers have only the electric car platform ready, and the body is presented in the form of a layout. According to engineers, the car has high maneuverability and high dynamic characteristics. So far, only two characteristics have been made public: the range of the autonomous trip is 270 km and the maximum speed is 170 km / h. More accurate and detailed technical characteristics are most likely to be presented after the creation of a full-fledged electric car body.

It should be noted that, the conceptual modelIntroduced in 2017, the Tesla Roadster has more impressive features. So the maximum speed of the roadster from Ilon Mask will be 400 km / h, acceleration time to 100 km / h - only 1.9 seconds, and the range of an autonomous trip - up to 1000 km. True, the price of the Tesla Roadster will be 200 thousand dollars. However, Belarusian engineers still have a lot of work ahead to create a case and integrate it with the platform, during which the performance can be significantly improved.

The President of Belarus was also shownother achievements of developers in the field of devices powered by electricity. In particular, these are buses with electric motors, road and municipal special equipment, small urban vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles. It was also stated that in addition to the roadster, engineers are working on the creation of a Belarusian minivan and an electric utility vehicle.

Lukashenko got acquainted with local developments inareas of power supply elements: new types of batteries and cells, various charging stations, which are presented in a wide range, from individual garage options to powerful industrial designs. Experimental sites for the assembly of modern lithium-ion, graphene, and hybrid cells are already working in the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Belarus has good development prospectsthe electric vehicle industry, especially given tax breaks for electric car owners and builders of charging stations. Also in Belarus, electric cars are parked for free.