Australians massively complain about the noise of courier drones (3 photos + video)

Alphabet Company, which owns the Wing project,announced that she would make structural changes to her X Wing drone in order to reduce the noise produced during delivery. This will have to be done after numerous complaints from the local population received during the last test.

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The first tests of an unmanned aerial vehicleThe X Wing began in 2014, and since then reports on the noise generated by devices and the impact it has had on people and animals living in the rural Australian community where they have been tested are widespread. There were reports that dog owners avoided flying areas completely, with one resident comparing the sound that drones make when flying overhead with a “furious chainsaw”. Others worry about war veterans, to whom a post-traumatic stress syndrome can return from the sounds of a UAV.

In response to this criticism, the company announced that itremake its drones on the eve of European trials in Finland, which are currently scheduled for the spring of 2019. However, due to the time it is likely to take to develop a less noisy drone, Wing has already begun to try other methods to reduce their destructive impact on residents, for example, sending them each time along different routes and at slower speeds.

Besides noise, most usage reportsX Wing was positive, and users were extremely pleased that they could go into the app and get the package in 10-15 minutes. When tested in Finland, the drone service will be free until the final launch.