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Australian scientists have found a way to get rid of peanut allergies

Australian researchers seem to have discovereda way to cure children of peanut allergies. According to The Guardian, a test of a new immunotherapy conducted with a group of children about four years ago gave very positive results. Now these children can eat peanuts without problems and include other products based on it in their diet.

“These kids can eat peanuts without anyproblems and without observing any special dietary dosages for several years after their treatment was completed, ”commented Professor Mimi Tang, head of the research team using the new type of therapy.

Tang created a new treatment technique that receivedPPOIT name, which combines the use of probiotics and oral immunotherapy. Instead of avoiding exposure to an allergen, the method allows you to reprogram the immune system and ultimately develop immunity to the body against triggers of an allergic reaction. According to Tang, the combination of probiotic and immunotherapy gives the body an impetus to fight the allergic reaction on its own.

Following the initial phase of treatment, whichconducted in 2013, a re-examination was carried out, which showed that more than 82 percent of the children developed immunity to peanuts. Four years later, 70 percent of the children in this group underwent another test, which confirmed that the treatment really has a long-term effect.

“Children came to us who were allergic topeanuts, which had to carefully avoid the use of peanuts in their diet and constantly worry about it. By the end of treatment, and even four years later, most of these children who have undergone our probiotic therapy can now live like regular children who have never been allergic to peanuts, ”says Tang.

Peanut allergy is one of the mostcommon in the world. The reaction can range from a mild form in the form of a rash or redness of the skin to very serious, even fatal. Most often, allergies occur in children. Statistics show that every fifth child may be exposed to it, but most of her simply “outgrow”.

If the effectiveness of the Tang method is proved inAs part of more extensive clinical research and trials, it can ultimately be used to significantly reduce the percentage of allergic reactions and the associated risks.

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