Australian driver plans to set new world speed record of 1600 km / h (3 photos)

In 2022, enthusiasts will try to beat the worldland speed record and once again surpass the sonic speed threshold of 1191.6 km / h. The Aussie Invader 5R rocket car will be piloted by the famous Australian racer Roscoe McGlashan, who currently holds the Australian speed record. The last time the racer accelerated to 802.6 km / h in 1994, driving the predecessor Aussie Invader 5R on the dry salt marshes of Lake Gardner, near Adelaide.

Absolute land speed record at presentthe time belongs to the former British fighter pilot Andy Green, who in 1997 averaged 1223.7 km / h and broke the sound barrier while driving in the Nevada desert, the Thrust SSC rocket car, created by Richard Noble. The supersonic race will continue in 2022, with Roscoe McGlushan attempting to hit a unique 1,000 mph or 1,610 km / h in the Aussie Invader 5R.

New rocket car created under the leadership of BobTruax, a recognized expert in rocketry. The Aussie Invader 5R machine will receive a specially designed rocket engine capable of generating thrust in excess of 275,000 N, which is equivalent to 149,000 kW or 202,000 horsepower. For comparison, this power is equal to the power of 2,128 Volkswagen Polo hatchbacks.

The hull length of the Aussie Invader 5R is 16meters, weight - 9 tons. The car will move on four aluminum wheels with a diameter of 35 inches and a mass of 140 kg, with a rotation speed of 10,200 rpm. Computer simulation made it possible to estimate the acceleration time to 100 km / h, which is 1.1 seconds. The car should accelerate to a record speed of 1610 km / h in less than 30 seconds. During the trip, 2.8 tons of liquid fuel and oxygen will be consumed.

It is interesting that the car for acceleration toa record speed will need to cover a distance of about 5 km, and the subsequent braking will be already 13 km. The braking system includes sequential engagement of high speed hydraulic air brakes, medium speed parachutes and low speed disc brakes.

Source: aussieinvader

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