Augmented reality glasses from Apple will be released in 2020 (3 photos)

Insiders continue to explore possibleinnovative products from leading manufacturers. The famous analyst specializing in Apple products, Min-Chi Kuo, said that in 2020 the company will introduce a new unique product - augmented reality glasses. According to him, already this quarter Apple will launch glasses in mass production, but they will not be launched on the market in the second quarter of next year.

Apple glasses will not be a separate product andrequire pairing with iPhone smartphones. Earlier, Google tried to develop augmented reality glasses, however, having not achieved significant success, it was forced to abandon this idea.

The expert also suggested that Apple'snext year may partner with third-party developers to create augmented reality helmets. In addition, Min-Chi Kuo expects the appearance of iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of 2020.

Source: appleinsider