Augmented reality glasses for swimming

There are many smart people on the market today.bracelets, watches and trackers that track your workout routine. At the same time, you can see the intermediate results only by looking at the wrist. And if this approach is quite suitable for runners, then for swimmers it is not always convenient. And specifically for them, the Canadian company has developed special smart glasses. Moreover, they can be bought now, and the price almost does not “bite”. Especially if you are a professional swimmer.

New smart goggles for swimming

A new accessory under the company of the same namethe name FORM shows the user information about his training, for example, the frequency of hand swings, swim time, calories burned, and so on. Unlike ordinary glasses, the case of the new device is much thicker.

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Inside, there was a board for processing information,sensors for reading various indicators, a rechargeable battery, as well as a special projector that displays all the necessary information on the glass of a smart gadget. It is on the glass. There are no screens in smart glasses. Well, the controls are placed on the side of the device.

Before FORM, our team spent many years onThe creation of a wide variety of wearable devices for active sports such as snowboarding, running and cycling, says Dan Eisenhardt, founder and CEO of FORM. When we started developing swimming goggles four years ago, we knew that it would be much more complicated than everything we did before. The extensive testing that we conducted over the past year shows that we have achieved our goal. The use of FORM is positively commented both by amateurs and professionals.

How smart glasses work

If you don’t go deep into the principles of work themselvessensors of the gadget, then everything is arranged quite simply. A miniature projector shines on one side of the glasses. This is a reflection of a person and sees with glasses. Thus, it turns out something like “augmented reality”, only “shrunken” to highly specialized functions for swimming. What is nice, the glasses work in monochrome mode and no multi-colored “whistles” are visible on the screen. And that means nothing will distract from training. Naturally, there is synchronization with Android or iOS.

Battery in glasses, according to statementsmanufacturer, enough for 16 hours of battery life. The maximum diving depth is 10 meters. You can order the device on the official website. The cost of the gadget is 199 US dollars. Which, in our opinion, is quite expensive if you just go to the pool to swim. But if you are swimming professionally, then the device is clearly worth paying attention to.

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