Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Developed by Samsung

The U.S. Patent Office approved the application,filed by Samsung. Contact lenses are registered where augmented reality technologies are embedded. The novelty has a microdisplay that allows the user to receive a lot of useful information. For example, you can consider the direction of movement or, from a distance, identify the desired object and still not get your smartphone out of your pocket.

The application document has already appeared on the network. It has a picture that schematically depicts lenses in which a tiny display, a video camera, and other elements are embedded. There is even a motion sensor and a capacitor that feeds the microcircuit. All electronics are “packaged” in a hydrogel - the same one that is used in the manufacture of conventional contact lenses.

Any useful information will be provided withan external device onto the display and from there project directly onto the eye retina. In the transparent layer of the gadget, you can also place additional microlenses that allow you to adjust the picture.
It is not yet known when commercial prototypes of the device will appear and how much they can cost.