Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT review: when no wires are needed

The Japanese continue to go ahead of the rest -from industrial solutions to consumer electronics. Take the same Audio-Technica: this giant hardly needs to be introduced, because even those who are far from the world of professional sound have heard his name. The range of the manufacturer has a lot of top-end audio equipment, but nonetheless Audio-Technica continues to delight fans with novelties. The latest can be attributed, and wireless headphones Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT.

What is the main problem with Bluetooth headphones? Until recently, they were not able to produce sound comparable to wired. But the balance of power has changed, and now ear ecstasy is possible not only with an expensive player and headphones warmed up for 48 hours. Wireless headphones, of course, can not yet produce sound, as the wire, but as close as possible.

ATH-AR5BT have expanded the family of universalheadphone audio technica. They are capable of reproducing not only deep bass, but also crystal clear high and medium frequencies. One of the chips models are new 45-mm drivers operating in the frequency range from 5 to 40 000 Hz. High quality of the reproduced sound is provided by aptX and AAC codecs, and Bluetooth support and controls located on the headphones allow using the device as a headset.


Wireless headphone manufacturers likeusually choose a modest package. In fact, why is there an additional gold-plated cable or replaceable ear pads? So in this case: the headphones themselves, a micro USB cable for charging and documentation. Bonus - the presence of an audio cable for a wired connection (suddenly you decide to listen to headphones with something like FiiO M7) and a fabric cover for transportation.

Aluminum and leather

In the design of a large number of headphonesmetal - Audio-Technica decided to use aluminum, but to make the device more accessible, did not neglect plastic. Such material is used in headband and ear cushions. The latter are made of eco-leather and provide a comfortable sock due to the filling of a special foam material with a memory effect and an average sound insulation sufficient for urban conditions. Audio-Technica designers definitely have a sense of style.

All basic controls are convenient.located under the left cup - a small built-in microphone, volume control, micro-USB connector for charging and audio input, which should only be used with audio players lacking Bluetooth support (or just to compare how headphones connect to sound better) or in the case of sitting batteries. The right earpiece is practically empty - here only the toggle switch for activating and activating Bluetooth flaunts. So there are no clutter of controls here, the design is minimalistic and will suit both the tracksuit and the office style.

Volume control is designed as a toggle switch, withusing it, you can activate fast forward / rewind and switch to the next or previous track. A single press allows you to pause the track, and answer or end a call if the headphones are connected to the smartphone as a headset.

Complete removable cable has a length of 1.2 meters. It is made of high quality and covered with silicone. The wire is equipped with an additional microphone and controls.

The main thing is sound

242 the weights are almost not felt on the head, although the manufacturer has placed the built-in battery in the headphones. The latter is enough for 30 hours of continuous use: we conducted tests at an average volume level, and this was confirmed (the headphones had to be listened to regularly throughout the week). If you twist the volume almost to the maximum, the battery life will be reduced by several hours. Owners of Android-smartphones will be satisfied with the presence of NFC (I nervously smoking with my iPhone aside). To pair the headphones and the source, it is enough to bring it to the left cup, and the “magic” familiar to many will happen ..

Volume is convenient to regulate a short movement.Toggle up or down, but to, for example, turn on the next track, you must hold the slider in the upper or lower position for a couple of seconds. It does not cause discomfort, you can get used to it in just a few hours. A couple of days free to perform all the actions to the touch.

The main thing, of course, is sound. From the Audio-Technica line of wireless headphones for sound quality, the ATH-AR5BT can be safely put next to the ATH-MSR7 and ATH-M50X, although these are generally wired models. The cost is about the same - about 13,500 rubles. Headphones do not “hiss”, as inexpensive Bluetooth-headphones often do, and they delight you with a stable connection, which has a positive effect on the sound quality.

About “crystal clear frequencies” and “imaginaryWe will not speak on stage - the headphones are clearly not audiophile. In tests, paired with the FiiO M7 ATH-AR5BT audio player, they produce a neutral sound with a completely “flat” equalizer, with no emphasis on a particular frequency range. Due to this, these headphones are universal for a number of genres.

When connected via cable, the sound is moreexpressive, but the difference is so insignificant that the wire, perhaps, can be remembered only in two cases: if the charge of the headphones is almost zero, or if the sound source is deprived of Bluetooth support. Although this does not apply to smartphones, but now even manufacturers of budget players pay much attention to wireless technologies.

The future of wireless sound

ATH-AR5BT - another successful attemptmanufacturer to dispel the myth that wireless sound is pampering. Therefore, you should pay attention to them, if only you do not really need active noise cancellation and "hear the violinist in the fifth row from the left." This is one of the best headphones in its price segment.