Audio-Technica ATH-ANC900BT: Active Noise Canceling Headphones You Want to Hear

The market for Bluetooth headphones with activenoise cancellation at a price of about 20,000 rubles is rapidly developing. Bose may have been a pioneer in this segment, but many other audio producers have since entered the ring too. One of the last participants of this fight is Audio-Technica - a company with a long history, which definitely has something to offer us.

Spending a few weeks with headphonesath-anc700bt, I made sure that they deserve the Audio-Technica logos on the cups, both in terms of sound quality and other parameters. There is something to compare with - I am an active user of the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, and I already know exactly how headphones with active noise cancellation should look and sound for this price.

Design, features, what in the box

Evaluation of the appearance of the headphones is always subjective, butI think most would agree that the ATH-ANC900BT is a beautiful model of headphones. Simplified design is captivating, and I even managed to become a fan of neat Audio-Technica logos on each ear cup. The design is mainly made of black plastic. I would prefer soft-touch stuff like some other headphones, but considering that the headphones are on your head in most cases, this is not so important.

The weight of the ATH-ANC900BT is 263 g, which makes themslightly heavier than competitors from Bose (234 g) and Sony (254 g). However, I did not notice excess weight before I found specific numbers, so this is not something that you will pay attention to. In terms of comfort, I think most people will appreciate these headphones for 5 points out of 5. ATH-ANC900BT headphones can be easily customized, and even me, a person with a big head, they are not too tight.

These headphones use touchcontrol. This is cool, but there is still one question for such a decision. The touchpad is on the cup of the left ear, which most right-handers are likely to find rather unintuitive. But, in fairness, the controls themselves work well. So, to increase the volume, you need to click on the upper third of the sensory surface; turn the volume down to the bottom. If you drag your finger up or down, you can turn on the next or previous track, respectively, and in the middle is a “button” to start playback or pause.

At first, it is difficult to distinguish the upper / middle / lower third of the ear cup, but after using the headphones for several hours you quickly get used to it.

On the left cup, in addition to the sensory elementscontrol, there is also a slider on / off headphones, output 3.5 mm, port for charging micro-USB (yes, I know what you say). There is nothing on the right cup, although it may have been logical to move the touch buttons here.

Headphone battery life is 35hours with ANC on or 60 off. For reference, the QC35 II is rated for 20 hours with active noise canceling enabled. So you never have to worry that the ATH-ANC900BT will discharge even on the longest journey on an airplane, if they were fully charged in advance. Unfortunately, charging is done via micro-USB; I really do not understand why headphones for 20,000 rubles in 2019 do not offer USB-C, but, apparently, there are reasons for that.

In the box you will find a hard carrying case, a charging cable, a cable for wired playback and an adapter for the aircraft. The headphones themselves are also foldable. One year warranty is included.

Sound, noise reduction and other functions

The sound quality is probably the strongest point.ath-anc700bt, and, at least in part, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 support. Headphones provide better clarity than competitors. Fans of balanced sound and not too strong bass will certainly appreciate it. The quality of the call is also good, and people on the other line were able to hear me clearly and without interference.

Inside the headphones are set to dynamicemitters with 40 mm carbon membranes coated with DLC (diamond like carbon). I am sure that many will like the sound of these headphones, but for sure there will be those who want more bass. And here comes a customizable equalizer, but it is not. Although it would be convenient.

Speaking of active noise cancellation, theseHeadphones want to praise. They do not lag behind both in tuning and in actual performance. In the accompanying application for this there are three options: "Airplane", "On the street" and "Office / Study". I did not have the opportunity to test them at an altitude of 10,000 meters in the air, so I can not comment on the performance in this regard, but other modes in their conditions cope with a bang.

Branded active noise cancellation technologycalled QuietPoint. It works with several microphones placed inside and outside the cups. Thanks to the improved radiation pattern, they get more information about ambient sounds, and the built-in processor helps to analyze and filter noise correctly.

In addition, the headphones use technologyHear-Through, which, as the name implies, allows you to customize how easily you can hear your surroundings while listening to music. There are three adjustments: low, medium and high.

The application has only a few other settings. For audio codecs, there are three options: AAC, SBC and Auto. I left it in "Auto" for testing and was not disappointed.

Should I buy?

If what you are looking for in headphones with activenoise-canceling, this is a balanced sound and long battery life, ath-anc700bt is a worthy choice. They offer a comfortable fit, and due to the use of the latest technology, they are pleased with the quality of the reproduced sound.

What did you like

  • Design. Like most Audio-Technica headphones, they look beautiful and modern.
  • Sound. These are some of the cleanest and most balanced emitters I've ever used.
  • Battery life They are designed for 35 hours with ANC, or a whopping 60 without it.

What is not very liked

  • Touch control. The buttons can be placed on the right bowl for ease of use.
  • Charging. These are headphones for 20–22 thousand rubles in 2019, and they use micro USB.

</ strong>Our verdict is 8.5 points out of 10. A good indicator.

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