ATOMIK vodka is made from Chernobyl water and radioactive plants

Since the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has passedmore than 30 years, and during this time the so-called “exclusion zone” was overgrown with lush vegetation. In this territory, it is quite possible to grow rye for the manufacture of flour and alcohol, but scientists have always been afraid that the products would be radioactive and would harm people's health. You can’t be forever afraid of this, so a group of scientists from the UK and Ukraine took a chance and made something very unexpected from vodka from Chernobyl and crops - vodka. Do you think it is dangerous?

Experimental vodka is calledATOMIK It is considered the first consumer product made from ingredients taken from radioactive territory. At the moment, there is only one bottle of an exclusive drink and, according to one of the creators of Chernobyl vodka Jim Smith, it is the most important bottle of alcohol in the world. Perhaps he is not exaggerating.


  • 1 How is vodka made?
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  • 3 What is the taste of vodka?
  • 4 How to save Chernobyl?

How is vodka made?

Like any other vodka, the Chernobyl drinkconsists of alcohol and water. For the manufacture of alcohol, scientists used rye, which was grown in the exclusion zone. The crop was peeled and crushed to such an extent that the grains turned into flour. Subsequently, the resulting mass was boiled in water and mixed with yeast for fermentation. The fermented mass was converted to alcohol using a distillation apparatus.

Chernobyl vodka "ATOMIK"

The resulting alcohol was mixed with water taken fromChernobyl wells. The analysis showed that it was not contaminated with radioactive substances, therefore it is completely safe for human health. If water cannot harm people, then what about alcohol? After all, the rye used in its manufacture was clearly radioactive.

By the way, alcohol can be obtained even from car tires

The harm of vodka to health

The rye grown in Chernobyl reallycontained radioactive substances. In particular, an increased concentration of strontium-90 was found in its samples. This substance arose during nuclear fission inside the Chernobyl reactor and fell into the air after a tragic accident. It is able to be deposited on human bones and affects bone tissue and bone marrow. Its prolonged exposure causes tumors and chronic radiation sickness.

Radioactive Strontium-90

However, in the process of distillation, when fermentedthe mixture turns into alcohol, all radioactive substances disappear. In principle, scientists decided to make vodka from rye because it is a completely pure product. Only carbon-14 was found in the resulting beverage, but it is also found in other alcoholic beverages. In a word, ATOMIK vodka is not radioactive, but like other alcoholic beverages, it causes irreparable harm to health.

By the way, Chernobyl is far from the most radioactive place.

What does vodka taste like?

Employees of the British television company "BBC"took a sample of Chernobyl vodka and asked experts from the London Swift bar to evaluate its taste. According to them, the resulting drink is not vodka in the usual sense of the word. Rather, it is a strong alcoholic beverage made from grains that has a richer flavor.

You can still taste the rye, ”said Sam Armyemi, a bar employee.

At the moment, try Chernobyl vodkaimpossible, because it is not mass produced. However, in the near future, the creators want to produce 500 bottles, which will clearly interest tourists who are actively visiting the Chernobyl disaster.

How to save Chernobyl?

According to scientists, on the territory of Chernobylit is possible to grow crops. In the future, they want to plant rye outside the exclusion zone and produce vodka, the sales revenue of which will go to help local residents. About 1,500 people currently live in the exclusion zone, who do not have work and adequate medical support.

On the left is a place for growing rye in the future; on the right is the place where the radioactive culture was grown

The company will issue vodka ATOMIK"Chernobyl alcohol company." To start mass production, its representatives need to solve a number of legal issues. Most likely, they will succeed without any special problems, because the idea of ​​creating Chernobyl vodka has already been supported by the state agency of Ukraine for managing the exclusion zone.

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Finally, we want to recall that the use ofalcohol has irreparable harm to human health. In particular, alcohol destroys brain cells, slows down the central nervous system and literally destroys the liver.

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