ATMs with biometric identification will appear in Russia (3 photos)

Financial institutions aim to create forusers maximum safe and comfortable working conditions with ATMs. The next step in improving deposit security and simplifying customer service will be the introduction of ATMs with biometric identification in Russia, which do not require a bank card. The first such devices will appear before the end of 2019.

Russian banking institutions are located ondifferent stages of introducing an ATM, recognizing customers by face. So Sberbank and Tinkoff bought such devices and plan to put them into operation in the next six months. MTS Bank and VTB are preparing for test trials, which will begin in the fourth quarter of this year. The release of the relevant banking terminals is engaged in the company VisionLabs.

Take advantage of the services of "smart" ATM willextremely simple. It is only necessary to link your biometric data to a bank account. Creating a database of biological data of Russians has a legal and technical base for about a year. Since July 2018, the Unified Biometric System (EBU) has been operating in which reference samples of voice and photographs of banking clients are collected. EBS operates under the auspices of Rostelecom. You can provide your biometric characteristics through a financial institution where a bank card is opened. According to experts, this method of identification is more reliable and protected from the actions of fraudsters.

Source: Izvestia