Atmoph - a smart window with a view to every corner of the planet (7 photos + video)

Presented a novelty - decorative smart windowfor installation on the wall and creating the effect of a beautiful view in the room. In fact, this is not a real window, but rather just a huge display with “smart” features. Atmoph launches one of many interesting backgrounds with a particular landscape.

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The resolution of the 27-inch display is -FullHD. This is quite enough to create the effect of the beautiful view behind the window. The device allows you to not only run under 1,000 beautiful video clips in 4K format. There are also many widgets: weather, time, calendar, music, photos and others. In addition, several Atmoph devices can be synchronized at once.


You can run in the gadget and other videos, as wellonline broadcast. Built-in stereo speakers in the frame, so that the connection of external acoustics is optional, you can listen to music through the connection via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. There is support for playlists and widgets from the Spotify service. In one of the versions, a camera was built in, which tracks the person’s gaze and adapts the image to his point of view. The management of the novelty is carried out from a special remote or smartphone. It is also possible to connect to the voice assistant.

Click on the image to view the animation.
The cost of the basic version of Atmoph in advance order is $ 279. Smart-window dimensions are 650 × 400 × 50 mm and weight is 5.5 kg.