At the end of the year, Microsoft will finally say goodbye to Windows Phone.

Until the end of the year, Microsoft will cease to supportmobile version of Windows 10 Mobile. The last update of the operating system of the Windows Phone family in version 1709 was released in the middle of autumn 2017. Now the manufacturer has decided to stop the release of software updates and support devices on which this OS is installed.

Of course, the devices will not stop working. However, there will be no security updates, bug fixes, free technical support and online technical updates. Probably, third-party firms will be engaged in support, but on a paid basis. Users were advised to switch to other platforms - iOS and Android.

Officially support will stop December 10current year. Until March 10, 2020, they will continue to maintain the backup of the parameters of gadgets and some applications. Some services, such as restoring a device from an existing backup or downloading photos, will work for at least a year after disabling support.