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At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean discovered thousands of mysterious recesses

To reduce emissions inatmosphere, many countries today are trying to generate electricity through wind and other renewable energy sources. For example, many companies are building wind farms today, but a lot of space is needed to install large wind generators. Therefore, the California coast of Big Sur near the Pacific Ocean was chosen as the place of construction of one of the new wind stations, but when studying its bottom, scientists discovered thousands of mysterious depressions. Inside them, researchers found garbage and living inside bottles and other animal containers. Now scientists are wondering what exactly caused the mysterious pits and can they destroy the wind farm in the future?

Big Sur Coast

The scientific discovery of the sudden discovery of scientistsScience Alert Edition. Initially, the researchers wanted to assess the hazard level of underwater craters that extend over an area of ​​more than 1,300 square kilometers off the coast of California. Their existence became known only in 1999, during the study of the bottom of this water area using a sonar. The exact reason for the occurrence of these craters is not yet known, but if they were caused by methane emissions, it will be prohibited to place a wind farm near them.

Large craters are highlighted in red

Another mystery of the Pacific

Ocean floor research results,conducted by employees of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, did not reveal any hints of methane. In their opinion, these craters were abandoned more than 50,000 years ago, so today they are unlikely to pose any danger to future structures. However, not far from them, researchers found at least 15,000 mysterious holes, the occurrence of which they also still cannot explain.

3D visualization of mysterious recesses

The diameter of most pits is about 11meters, and the depth is approximately one meter. In approximately 30% of these depressions, researchers found garbage in the form of various containers, which were probably thrown from the sides of the ships. Some aquatic inhabitants have already settled inside these tanks, because they seem to them to be very safe dwellings. It is noteworthy that underwater pits were formed far from simultaneously with large craters located nearby. So, at least, researchers say.

Garbage at the bottom of the recesses

As mentioned above, scientists can not yetfind out the origin of the mysterious recesses. However, they have one assumption - perhaps initially in the places of dimples there simply was rubbish, inside which living creatures settled over time. Moving, underwater animals could raise the sand settled on the bottom of the ocean up, which is why pits formed.

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However, this hypothesis seems insufficient.believable. The fact is that garbage was found only in some of the many recesses, and all the rest are almost clean. The likelihood that they are somehow connected with large craters is also extremely small. And all because between them no pronounced common features were found. Also, no gas sources were found at the bottom, which puzzles scientists even more.

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Anyway, the researchers have tospend a lot of work to make sure the craters and small indentations are safe. If suddenly they turn out to be dangerous for the future wind farm, you will have to look for a new place for construction.