At the age of 76, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking passed away

The famous British theoretical physicist StephenHawking died at the age of 77, according to the BBC broadcasting organization, citing representatives of the scientist's family. Back in 1963, doctors made Hawking a disappointing diagnosis - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Experts believed that he had only two and a half years to live. But the physicist, contrary to all forecasts, continued to lead an active life and gain recognition in the scientific community. He became one of the founders of quantum cosmology, and also shed light on what black holes are.

“We are deeply saddened that our beloved fatherdied today. He was a great scientist and an outstanding person whose work and heritage will remain with us for many years, ”the Hawking family said in a statement.

Steven Hawking's disease did not progressas quickly as the doctors suggested, so he moved to a wheelchair only at the end of the 60s. In 1985, Hawking suffered a complicated pneumonia, as a result of which he lost the ability to speak. Subsequently, a voice synthesizer became his voice, which he controlled with the help of a finger that retained some mobility. This synthesizer was constantly being developed taking into account the fact that the scientist eventually became almost completely paralyzed, with the exception of one of the facial muscles, opposite which a sensor was fixed for interaction with a computer system. The latest version of the computer specifically for Hawking created by Intel.

In 2007, Hawking made a flight in zero gravityaboard a special aircraft. The physicist always wanted to go into space and even planned to do it in 2009, but the flight did not take place for a number of reasons, including his state of health. Hawking was a staunch atheist and always opposed warfare. For example, he considered the war in Iraq a war crime and actively supported nuclear disarmament. Stephen Hawking was married twice, and from his first wife, Jane Wilde, his son Robert (1967), daughter Lucy (1970) and son Timothy (1979) were born to him. After the divorce, Hawking remarried his carer Elaine Mason in 1995. They lived with her until 2006.

Hawking became famous all over the world due to itsthe book "A Brief History of Time." He had 12 honorary degrees, was a member of the British Scientific Royal Society and the US Academy of Sciences. His scientific achievements and discoveries have been marked by numerous prizes and awards. Stephen Hawking led a completely open lifestyle, did not hide from fans, often made presentations, taught at universities and even took part in the filming of the comedy television series The Big Bang Theory, which tells about the lives of several friends and scientists. In addition, the scientist voiced his character for the animated series "The Simpsons" and "Futurama." In 2014, a biography film about the life of the physicist Steven Hawking’s Universe, in which the actor Eddie Redmayne starred, was released on the big screens.