Astronomers have demonstrated the merger of three black holes into a single supermassive (3 photos + video)

The formation of new black holes in itselfthe phenomenon is very exciting, able to provide astronomers with a huge amount of information. The more interesting is the observation of the merger of two black holes - a phenomenon long known to scientists. However, scientists from George Mason University have identified an anomalous phenomenon that has not yet been encountered by mankind - the merging of three black holes into a single super-powerful black hole.

Such an unusual phenomenon was discovered by the process of studying X-ray images from several observatories at once, including the space Chandra, which detected traces of matter absorbed by black holes in the X-ray range. Using this information, ground-based observatories equipped with optical telescopes were connected to the search.

Observation in the visible spectrum withoptical telescopes provides a lot of additional information when determining the merging black holes, by observing the nearby sector of the galaxy in which objects are located.

The rare occurrence of black hole fusiontestifies to the global processes of galaxy unification. Astronomers believe that the merging of three holes will occur much faster than a similar process in which only two black holes are involved.

The integration of three black holes identified in the systemSDSS J084905.51 + 111447.2. Scientists believe that during the formation of the Universe, such associations occurred much more often and do not exclude the possibility that triple black stars can be a common occurrence beyond the reach of terrestrial telescopes.

Source: sci-news