Astronauts set a world record by playing baseball in space (video)

Baseball is the most popular in the game, which is watched by absolutely all residents of the country. Astronauts who were in space at the International Space Station, who watched the games of the World Series baseball championship series, did not depart from this tradition. However, the leadership of NASA went towards the conquerors of space and allowed to hold an impromptu match directly on board the station. A video report on the game was presented on Twitter.

Astronauts assigned the team roles as followsway: the role of the pitcher, throwing a baseball delivered beforehand to the station, went to Jessica Meir, batting Andrew Morgan, for the lack of a baseball bat, operated a flashlight with a long handle, and Christina Koch became the catcher (catcher). The limited space of the station did not allow the traditional run between the bases, but the main rules were followed.

The main result of the match in orbitbecame the world record for the speed of the ball relative to the surface of the Earth. In fact, the baseball was moving at a speed of 7.8 km / s, moving in orbit. At the same time, the existing record for the ball’s flight speed was set by Aoldis Chapman and amounts to 47 m / s.