Astronauts practice moon walks on the surface of volcanoes

The Apollo 11 mission, during which a persontook the first step on the surface of the moon, ended 50 years ago. At the moment, it is important for astronauts to prepare for the next missions and learn how to use new geological tools and other electronics, which are much more difficult than half a century ago. This is especially important for the European space agency ESA, which had never seriously thought about manned missions to the moon before. Well, the time has come - the tests are already underway on the volcanic terrain of Spain.

Especially for this, the ESA has established a companyPangea-X, which aims to combine space exploration, high-tech equipment for research and geology. Since the European agency does not have its own spacesuits, astronauts use NASA suits. They are very similar to those who once wore Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. They hold down the movement, not allowing pilots to squat and bend, and thick sealed gloves do not allow tightly grab small objects. Learning to use equipment in uncomfortable costumes is one of the main tasks of researchers.

We don't have our own moon space suits for these.tests, but after many hours of training in NASA space suits, we are accustomed to movement restrictions, ”shared Herve Stevenin, space flight designer.

For more effective missions, costumesequipped with 360-degree cameras that shoot everything that happens in real time. Also, astronauts have an electronic field book to record research results. The agency wants to ensure that all the studied data is instantly sent to a ground or space station for more detailed analysis.

Recall that the spacesuits of the new generation haveare in development. The big breakthroughs in this matter were made by the engineers of Boeing and SpaceX - you can read the opinion of astronaut Sunita Williams about the updates in our material.

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