Astronaut's glove that can control spacecraft with gestures

EVA continues to remainquite a serious test for astronauts, requiring high-tech and practical equipment. One of the most important elements of a space suit is gloves, which not only provide protection for the astronaut’s hands, but must also have high elasticity for various operations, wear resistance and durability.

European Space Specialistsagencies (ESA) together with Comex (France) and designer Agatha Medioni presented a conceptual glove for an astronaut's spacesuit. The new element of the astronaut’s clothes has three distinctive features that are not found in modern gloves used, for example, by American space researchers.

ESA's new glove protects handsastronaut from cold and vacuum. However, in addition to the direct task, the European concept performs several more vital functions: management, measurement and obtaining information.

For class spacecraft controlmoon rovers or drones uses a gesture control system. To measure the distance between objects and the astronaut, a laser beam is used that is emitted from the glove built into the fingers. Finally, important information for the astronaut comes from the built-in glove screen, which displays the oxygen level. Currently, such a sensor is sewn into the torso of a spacesuit and a mirror is required to obtain information about the presence of oxygen.

In the manufacture of gloves used textilematerial that is being developed for European astronauts as part of the Pextex project. Innovative material is able to work in the temperature range from + 120 ° C to –170 ° C, effectively protecting a person from heat and cold, while maintaining integrity.

Source: ESA