ASIC miner Bitmain Antminer E9 will replace 32 GeForce RTX 3080 video cards

The situation on the video card market continues to betense. This is caused not only by a sharp increase in cryptocurrency and an increase in the number of miners buying up all the latest video cards in bulk, but also by restrictions associated with the pandemic and disrupting the supply chain of individual computer parts.

The new ASIC can theoretically correct the situationBitmain Antminer E9 miner that outperforms 32 RTX 3080 GPUs with lower price and higher energy efficiency.

As of today, there is no exact data on the parameters and cost of Bitmain Antminer E9, however, it is known that the miner installation will be able to generate a hash rate of about 3 gigahashes per second (GH / s).

A similar complex Linzhi Phoenix Miner,generating about 2.6 GH / s, is now sold on the market at a price of about 13.5 thousand dollars. If we assume that the Antminer E9 will be released at a similar price, then we can argue about the higher economic efficiency of the new product than using the 32 RTX 3080. Besides, video cards require 7500 watts of electricity, while the Antminer E9 - only 2556 watts.

Source: videocardz