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As an attempt to prove that the Earth is flat led an amateur engineer to a tragic death

It's hard to believe, but people who thinkthat the earth is flat quite a lot. On February 22, amateur engineer Michael Hughes, nicknamed “Mad Mike,” crashed on a makeshift steam rocket in California. According to the Science Channel, which filmed the launch, Hughes was going to prove that the Earth was flat but tragically died while trying to launch a makeshift rocket. The amateur astronaut called his ascent to a height of more than 1,500 meters. According to Hughes, this would allow him to see that our planet in its shape resembles a frisbee plate. However, a spokesman for Hughes Darren Schuster, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, said that all the talk about flat Earth is just an attempt to draw attention to the launch. But is it?

Pictured is Michael Hughes next to a makeshift rocket. Rocket inscription: exploration of a flat earth

Who is Michael Hughes?

Stuntman by profession, 64-year-old Hughes engagedbuilding and testing homemade rockets. In 2014, on a rocket of its own assembly, an amateur engineer took off into the air to a height of 419 meters and successfully landed by parachute. According to the portal, in 2015, Hughes conducted a crowdfunding campaign to build and launch a new rocket, but it was unsuccessful. Soon after, Hughes declared himself a supporter of the Society of Flat Earth, and called "checking the shape of the planet" his goal.

A rocket sponsored immediatelySeveral brands, including the like-minded Hughes Researcher Flat Earth, built the stuntman in the backyard of his home in Barstow, California. Earlier, in March 2018, an amateur astronaut successfully tested a steam rocket. The thrust of such a rocket is formed due to heated water vapor flowing out of the nozzle under a pressure of about 23 atmospheres. However, such a rocket will not be able to rise into space - there will not be enough power. Before the launch, which ended in a crash, Hughes conducted tests in which a rocket with its creator on board rose to a height of 571 meters, and then successfully landed by parachute. After that, Hughes repeatedly told the press that he would certainly rise to a height of 1,500 meters and prove that the Earth was flat. However, the representative of "Mad Mike" does not believe that the engineer believed in something like that. According to, according to Schuster, Michael was indeed a supporter of several government conspiracy theories, but the announcement of joining the Flat Earth Society was a PR move.

The flat earth hypothesis proved surprisingly popular

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The consequences of mistrust of science

Video of a launch conducted in the desert beforea crowd of startled spectators spread on social networks on Sunday February 23rd. When viewing, you can see that the parachute broke off a few seconds after launch, when the steam rocket began to sink down, and then fell a few hundred meters from the launch pad near Barstow, 180 kilometers northeast of Los Angeles.

Hughes announced the launch of a makeshift rocketon the Discovery channel. The event was filmed by Science Channel as part of a new series of Home Astronauts programs. Asked by journalists about the reasons for this, Hughes replied: “Just to convince people that they can do something unusual in their life ... Maybe it will inspire someone else.” In an interview with various publications, Hughes repeatedly stated his distrust of science and his desire to test whether the Earth really has the shape of a frisbee plate.

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What do Flat Earth Society supporters believe in?

Flat Earth Theory - An Outdated Hypothesis,according to which the Earth is a flat disk. In the past, this hypothesis was common among the ancient Egyptians, in the mythologies of many peoples, as well as in early Buddhism and Hinduism. But with the development of geography and astronomy in Ancient Greece, the hypothesis of a flat Earth lost the confidence of scientists, and the theory of a spherical Earth received a scientific justification. However, from time to time, this obsolete hypothesis again finds supporters - they were in the Middle Ages and live among us in the 21st century.

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Supporters of the theory of a flat earth believe that everythingphotographs and shooting of our planet from space is a real conspiracy. Obeying the orders of the secret world government, all the space agencies of the world allegedly regularly publish fake photographs of the Earth, the Moon and other space objects. Given the words of spokesman Michael Hughes about his commitment to several conspiracy theories at once, it is logical to assume that the amateur astronaut could seriously believe that our planet is actually flat. But if the representative is right and it was a PR move, how could a person who built a real rocket with his own hands be a supporter of such an absurd theory? What would he say if he achieved the desired goal?