Artificial smallpox can defeat cancer

The dictum of the ancient Latins "similar is curedlike "becomes a reality as a result of research by scientists from Australia, who suggested that artificially removed smallpox, can overcome cancer cells. The technique approached human trials.

Australian company Imugene,specializing in biotechnology, has developed a new virus based on vaccinia that can kill all known types of cancer. Now, scientists are left with one of the most important stages of creating the drug - human testing, which the company, according to American oncologists, is ready to start in the near future.

If successful, this will not be the firsta virus-based medicine that fights tumors. Already tested and received regulatory approval, a drug that cures melanoma, created on the basis of the herpes virus.

Currently artificially bred smallpoxpassed the test only on specially selected animals with a weakened immune system. Therefore, it is difficult to argue that the methodology can lead to a breakthrough in the fight against oncology in science, because a normal human immune system can simply destroy the smallpox virus before it starts to destroy malignant neoplasms. However, the general direction has been determined, and scientists hope for significant success.