Artificial intelligence will deduct negligent students from Russian universities

Voluntarily or involuntarily, but people often commitmistakes. There is even a persistent expression "People tend to make mistakes." And in emergency situations, the first thing they try to find out is the notorious “human factor” in the case.

Therefore, in those areas wherefateful decisions for specific people and it is very desirable that there is no bias in this, more and more often they use modern computer technologies, including artificial intelligence technologies.

So, for example, in Russia they insistentlythat it would be advisable to specifically “instruct” the AI ​​to make decisions on dropping out some students in higher educational institutions after they have failed in passing a separate stage of training.

The system is complex, but the principles are in itsimple. Artificial intelligence selects and systematizes information about each of the students, and not only about academic performance and attendance, but also about their compliance with established rules of behavior, and about employment in university events.

At the end of the reporting period (semester, year) AIwill analyze the results and provide the dean with all the information and comprehensive recommendations for each student. Moreover, this is not only a list of applicants for deductions; some students may be encouraged, and some additional classes in specific subjects.

This innovation is expected to be put in place.not earlier than 2021. The use of artificial intelligence in the educational sphere will eliminate bias from the leadership of the university in relation to students.

However, in life there are many such cases whencircumstances are unfavorable for people, because of this, learning may suffer, and many other things will not work out. And it is in this case that a student cannot be trusted with a soulless machine. Therefore, the simple human qualities of the dean are useful here.

Source: itcrumbs