Artificial intelligence will create a new sort of whiskey. And you can try it.

Already no one will be surprised that the artificialIntellectuals are entrusted with writing pictures and creating musical works, but the leadership of the Mackmyra distillery in Sweden found it, perhaps, a very unusual application. They decided to use a computer algorithm to develop ... a new sort of whiskey! And Finnish developers from Fourkind and even Microsoft will help them in this.

Making a whiskey is very complex andlabor-intensive process. After all, it’s not just grain and water: the taste and color are influenced by such parameters as filtration, distillation, methods of malting. They calculated the ideal sort of artificial intelligence: it will take as a basis the data on whiskey, which the plant already produces, and will also analyze sales information so that the created formula will find a positive response among buyers.

Details on developing a new variety are notreported, but it is known that the creation will take place under the strict control of experts of the distillery Mackmyra, who as a result will appreciate the work of artificial intelligence. But Microsoft, in its blog, already promises that the first whiskey created by a computer algorithm will be available this fall.

Just do not forget about the most important stagein the preparation of whiskey - his insistence. To get the drink the desired color and aroma, it is insisted in oak or wooden barrels for several years - from 3 to 18, but you can and more.

In March this year at Sotheby’s inLondon will have a very unusual lot - an installation, the main element of which is a neural network that constantly generates unique portraits. The buyer of this lot will provide themselves with original portraits for life (yes, they never repeat).

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