Artificial Intelligence will begin to check texts in Microsoft Word (3 photos)

Henceforth, the artificial intelligence incorporated into the Ideas function and allowing to detect not only grammatical but also stylistic mistakes will come to the aid of editors and copywriters in their work.

In Office 365 for word processing software Wordintroduces a new function Ideas, using AI. Thus, Microsoft is going to compete with the Grammarly service and Google itself. Using the AI ​​algorithm for spell checking, Ideas reveals not only grammatical errors, but can offer to simplify the construction of sentences, to make them simpler and more accessible.

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Individual proofreader will appear in eachWord user. It is noteworthy that the professionalism of such a corrector grows over time, thanks to machine learning. Ideas will help assess the readability of the text, calculating the time of reading the sentence and the entire document, will be able to decipher the abbreviations, will assist in the design of the text and the creation of tables.

The first Ideas will be received in June by Office 365 subscribers, and in the fall a full-scale launch of this feature will be held. In the meantime, the project will be limited exclusively in the “cloud” in Word Online.