Artificial Intelligence Turns Brain Signals into Human Speech - Listen Yourself

In the future, dumb people will be able to freely and distinctlypronounce words thanks to devices that transform their brain activity into a synthesized voice. Researchers at the University of California at San Francisco recently made a big step in improving this technology, allowing artificial intelligence to reproduce the voice without reading thought, but by analyzing the movements of a person’s lips. The result was impressive - the synthesized voice can be heard right now.

The device is expected to work whena person will mentally or physically reproduce the movements of the mouth, even if he will not produce any sounds. To understand which areas of the human brain are activated by certain mouth movements, the researchers involved five volunteers in the test. He read small passages from children's stories — during this process, electrodes embedded in their brains read their activity.

In the end, researchers have turned out twoneural networks: the first matched the signals of the brain with the movements of the lips, and the second transformed these movements into synthesized speech. Volunteers were really able to repeat excerpts of sentences - about 69% of the synthesized words can be easily recognized on the record. As in other studies, the shorter the sentences were, the more accurate the result was.

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Researchers can improve technology byuse of brain implants with a more dense arrangement of electrodes and complex machine learning algorithms. Between the reactions of the brains of different research participants, common features were found, which suggests that future speech synthesis devices can be easily customized for each person. Also, researchers have noticed that artificial intelligence sometimes recognizes sounds that have not been used in learning, which also inspires great hopes.

It is noteworthy that similar technologies already exist, and they are also based on the work of artificial intelligence. Read about one of them in our material.

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