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Artificial Intelligence taught to control the distance between people

Social coronavirus pandemicdistance has proved to be a very effective measure to slow the spread of the disease. But while millions of people remain at home to work together to defeat a dangerous infection, many employees in the food, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries still have to go to work every day. It depends on them that a courier with groceries arrives to you tomorrow, or the nearest pharmacy is always open in case you suddenly have a toothache. How to ensure safety in these cases? In addition to wearing masks, there is another way that will help control the observance of the distance between people. And without artificial intelligence it could not do here.

Straight scene from the movie "Equilibrium"

To provide control over the distance betweenpeople in the workplace, Landing AI startup has developed a tool for tracking the location of people with support for artificial intelligence. It can determine whether people are at a safe distance from each other by analyzing video streams from surveillance cameras in real time.

Track people by surveillance cameras

For example, in a factory where masks andother protective equipment, so necessary during a pandemic, you can integrate this software into your security camera systems. As shown in the demo video below, the detector highlights in red people whose distance between them is less than the minimum allowable distance, and draws a line between them to draw attention to this. The system will also be able to make a warning through the speakerphone and remind people to stay at a safe distance.

After calibration, the system is ready for operation.

And then I thought - what interferes in the futurefinalize the algorithm and use such a neural network to monitor the movements of a person in urban surveillance cameras. The only thing that will be required for this is high-quality optics, which can easily recognize the face and characteristic features (gait, physique). And if a person commits an offense, and the camera notices him, in the future the neural network will follow him to the house, and there he will find out if he entered our Telegram chat or not. Fearfully? So far yes, but it seems to me that in the future such a system will be implemented.

According to Input, Amazon ALREADYintroduced a similar technology in its warehouses. Employees are also monitored during the shift and warned that violation of the rules of social distance can lead to their dismissal. Apparently, it’s not in vain that Bezos wants to switch to robots, since they do not get the virus.

Amazon warehouse employee works with distance from other colleagues

Coronavirus Quarantine

As medical experts note, as long asuntil the coronavirus vaccine becomes available, social distance is our best tool to help reduce the spread of the pandemic. Besides quarantine, of course. The fact is that the rate of spread of the new coronavirus is quite high - in case of complete inactivity, the number of infected people will double every three days. The virus exists and its sole purpose is to multiply as successfully as possible. And therefore, every time you leave the house you risk if you do not get sick yourself, then infect others.

Sweden never imposed quarantine, everything was fine, and then it became almost first in number of new deaths from coronavirus.

It seems to me that even after a pandemic, such systems withAI will be relevant. For example, in the same factories, management will be able to receive a report from the neural network how long the worker was at his workplace. The quarantine and pandemic will give us many new technologies, but whether it is good or not, we will see.

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