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Artificial intelligence recognizes breast cancer better than professional doctors

In the article about the fatal harm of household chemicals, wementioned that breast cancer is one of the most common cancer diseases among all women on the planet. According to the World Health Organization, about 1 million cases of the disease are registered annually in the world and at the moment, breast cancer is one of the main causes of death of women. In this regard, in many countries, women over the age of 50 are advised to undergo a so-called mammogram every three years to detect cancerous tumors in the mammary glands. However, doctors often make mistakes and either make a fatal diagnosis to completely healthy patients or do not detect the initial stages of the disease, which is extremely important for successful treatment. Fortunately, researchers at Google Health have developed artificial intelligence that recognizes tumors with higher accuracy than professional doctors.

Mammography process

About the benefits of artificial intelligence inbreast cancer detection was told in the science publication ScienceAlert. We mentioned that about 1 million women are fatally diagnosed each year, but by 2020 things are much worse. According to foreign sources, in 2018, an aggressive type of cancer was detected in 2 million patients. Because of this, the need for regular mammography has grown significantly, because the sooner doctors find out about a developing disease, the higher the likelihood of a complete cure.

How to detect breast cancer

You can detect developing tumors in the chestwith x-rays taken with a mammograph. These images are studied by at least two radiologists, but even with teamwork, doctors make serious mistakes. However, according to scientists from Google Health, they developed artificial intelligence, trained on a variety of x-rays, is able to detect signs of cancer with virtually no errors.

Examining X-rays with a mammograph

Technology has been tested with thousands of women.from the UK and the USA. After artificial intelligence scanned x-rays, they were further studied by radiologists. As it turned out, the accuracy of the computer in this matter is close to the professionalism of experienced doctors. It is noteworthy that for the diagnosis, artificial intelligence did not study the patient history of patients in which there could be prerequisites for breast cancer.

Do you know how modern technologies help cancer patients and medicine in general?

It eventually turned out that artificialintelligence reduced false diagnoses by 5.7% in the US and 1.2% in the UK. The technology also reduced the probability of missing symptoms by 9.4% in the United States and 2.7% in the UK. Dominique King, Google Health Director for the UK, said these are excellent results, given that early diagnosis of cancer makes it easier to treat.

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The development of such artificial intelligence is notonly increases the accuracy of diagnosis, but it can save radiologists from painstaking and extremely responsible work. Researchers note that at the moment there are very few experts on this issue and sometimes the results of mammography have been studied for quite some time. It turns out that thanks to the new technology two problems will be solved at once.