Artificial Intelligence helps the Chinese search for the missing dog (4 photos)

Megvii, known in China for itsits advanced developments in the field of tracking people, has created an interesting application that is becoming increasingly popular in the Middle Kingdom. It helps in the search for missing dogs and not very responsible owners of found pets while controlling homeless animals. The project is based on the uniqueness of the canine nose pattern (the same as that of the fingerprint of a human finger). With the help of artificial intelligence, Chinese developers were able to organize a system that recognizes dogs from photographs.

To add a detected pet to the base,muzzle several times photographed from different angles. The obtained data is compared by the application with a rather large base. At the exit, either are the contact details of the owner, or the next “found” is entered into a special list.

Authors of the project advise not to postponeregistering your pets is impossible to predict when they might get lost. And so you can increase the chances of finding a pet. Currently, more than 15,000 dogs have been added to the application, and new ones are constantly being added.

Megvii is already cooperating with Chinese authors.government. This is done in order to control irresponsible owners. Since last year, in the Celestial Empire, there is a law that prohibits walking the dogs in the city without a leash. Now it will be easier to track violators.