Artificial intelligence helped musicians record new album

In the USA there is a musical group YACHT. It is possible that you have not even heard of her, although they have been playing since 2002 and have already recorded many compositions. In general, this team of musicians has always approached their work quite creatively. For example, once they sold an album without a cover. But she could still be received ... by fax at the nearest post office. However, for such a YACHT would hardly have hit the pages of our publication. But the band's recently released album, called Chain Tripping, is compelling. After all, the co-author of the musicians here was artificial intelligence.

Now AI has learned to be a songwriter

Why do AI write songs?

YACHT group has been interested for a long timequestions of how high technology can help musicians improve their work. Vocalist Claire Evans even performed at the Google I / O exhibition with a report on this topic. It took three years to create and record the new Chain Tripping YACHT album.

I know this is pretty hard to explain, butthe use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies allowed us to find a new approach to songwriting. We were able to add “additional layers” of music to those places where we ourselves would not have guessed to place them. Claire Evans said.

In fairness it’s worth noting thatartificial intelligence and neural networks were already used to generate music and even text, but all this did not go beyond research projects designed to demonstrate the capabilities of AI. The YACHT group decided to do a little differently. The team decided not to use AI as a co-author in order to cause a stir and say: “Look, the car wrote this song for us!”. And for what, according to the recognition of the musicians, their goal was to create music that they themselves would never have made, but which at the same time would have sounded in their style. What is your favorite band? Tell us about her in our telegram chat.

YACHT lead singer Claire Evans. it occurred to her to record an album featuring AI

How to teach a car to write songs?

At the very beginning, the musicians triedestablish contact with the authors of almost all existing solutions based on AI. But none of the projects satisfied the musicians for a number of reasons. Therefore, they decided to take all the known developments and create something based on this. To train neural networks, as you know, you first need to “feed” them information on the basis of which they will work in the future. It was decided to use the team’s discography, which had to be completely rewritten in MIDI format to simplify the work. There were only 82 songs in the discography of the group at that time. And this, unfortunately, is not enough to fully teach the neural network to create something new on the basis of the existing one.

This is interesting: How does artificial intelligence work.

However, this amount turned out to be quiteenough for AI to "learn to play musical instruments." Moreover, he mastered several versions of instruments and "gave out" melodies made in the style of a musical group. Thus, according to the recognition of the musicians, they did not have a “magic button”, when clicked, they would receive a finished song. Artificial intelligence only strengthened their melodies and rhythms with an additional sound. Well, you can evaluate the result of work by listening to one of the tracks from the new album (and at the same time evaluating a music video made in a very peculiar style, like the music itself) in the video available below.

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